American Grit eliminated another member of Army Ranger Nick "The Reaper" Irving's team, Kimberly "KJoy" Joy, during Thursday night's broadcast on Fox.

KJoy, a 38-year-old yoga instructor, was one of three remaining members on Nick's team. After being chosen to compete in "the circus," KJoy was the first person to give up and ring the bell, ultimately sealing her fate in the new survival and military-themed reality competition.

"My body quit. I went as long as I possibly could, so at the end of the day, it just wasn't my event. As much as you never want to ring out, as much as you never want to go home, as long as you give it you're best, that's all you can really do," KJoy said following her ouster.

"American Grit is an incredible experience. Even though I have to leave, there is so much good and so much joy that I'm taking out of this. As long as you're seeing the positive in things, then you are a success."

American Grit's episode began with host John Cena explaining the four teams led by military heroes would embark on another challenge called an "evolution." The four leaders are Nick, Marine Gunnery Sergeante Tawanda "Tee" Hanible, Army Sergeant Noah Galloway, and Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver.

Nick's team was comprised of KJoy; Jim "The Boston Cop" Vaglica, a 54-year-old police officer; and Cameron "The Wrestler" Zagami, a 22-year-old professional wrestler.

The only remaining civilian on Tee's team was Tony "Touchdown Tony" Simmons, a 41-year-old sports performance coach and former NFL player.

Noah's team consisted of David "The Olympian" Neville, a 31-year-old college track and field head coach; Clare "The Fisherman" Painter, a 47-year-old horse trainer and fisherman; and Mark "The Lumberjack" Bouquin, a 26-year-old Timbersports athlete.

Rorke had recruited Tabatha "The Roller Girl" Chandler, a 39-year-old registered nurse; Mario "The Triathlete" Robinson, a 25-year-old personal trainer; and Ashley "The Marine's Daughter" Hazlett, a 31-year-old event coordinator.

The season's seventh evolution required each team to carry a large case and weighted backpacks as they followed field instructions. They had to carry the gear through "treacherous terrain" in the woods and use a compass to locate their final destination three miles away.

The first team to finish the course would not participate in the circus and therefore be safe from elimination.

Team Noah ended up winning the evolution, marking its sixth win of the season. Nick's team was frustrated because its members completed the hike only nine seconds behind Noah's group. Tony finished the evolution in third place, while Rorke's team got completely lost and had to be fished out at the end of the day.

John then explained the three losing teams must send one member into the circus, the most brutal combination of military exercises which Rorke previously described as "a savage beating." The first person to give up/fail/pass out in the circus and ring the bell would be sent home.
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Rorke, Nick and Tee were tasked with choosing which one of their team members would represent them in the circus.

Tony had to compete on behalf of Tee's team by default. Rorke sent Mario in because he has a similar power speed as Tony. Nick picked KJoy because he thought she's a tough warrior.

For the circus, the three participants were instructed to complete a muscle-draining obstacle course complete with climbing a three-story cargo net, ascending a 30-foot log structure and tumbling down a canyon.

At the end, the civilians had to stand on an endurance platform, where they were required to pick up a sandbag that's 25% of their body weight, carry it across a lane and up a small flight of steps, drop it off, and then head back to the start. The civilians had to do this again and again while moving at a constant pace.

If at any point a civilian stopped to rest or couldn't keep up, he or she would be out of the circus.

Mario got to the endurance platform in first place and therefore received a two-minute advantage to rest. Tony finished the first half of the circus in second place, so he won a one-minute advantage. KJoy was therefore forced to start the endurance portion immediately.

After about an hour, KJoy's body couldn't handle the workout anymore, and so she gave up.

Nick said KJoy was "the glue" of his team, like the mother-figure, so it was going to hurt a little bit to lose her.