America's Got Talent featured 11 semifinalist acts taking the stage for home viewer votes during Tuesday night's tenth-season broadcast on NBC.

The 11 acts who performed were boyband 3 Shades of Blue, comedian Gary Vider, Latina singer Alondra Santos, dancers Freelusion, singer Alicia Michilli, singer Daniella Mass, comedian Piff the Magic Dragon, ladder balancing act Uzeyer Novruzov, The Professional Regurgitator Stevie Starr, singer Sharon Irving, and ventriloquist Paul Zerdin.

Only five of these acts will advance to the finals next week and compete to headline a show in Las Vegas.

A few of the acts stood out last night for either being hilarious, incredible or astounding.

Judge Heidi Klum said The Professional Regurgitator is her favorite act of the entire season. He blew bubbles out of his body with dishwasher soap and simultaneously filled them with smoke he had previously inhaled. Starr also swallowed and regurgitated a raw egg, which blew everyone away.

The judges agreed Irving is the best singer in the whole competition by far. She got the judges on their feet and always sings with soul, conviction and emotion.

Zerdin also impressed, as he turned judge Howie Mandel into a human puppet. He put a mask on Howie's face with a mouth Zerdin was able to move and manipulate with some little machine. His instructions convinced Mandel to twerk and Irish step dance. Judge Howard Stern went as far as to say Zerdin will likely win America's Got Talent this season.

Unfortunately, not everyone had a great night. Novruzov climbed up an extremely tall ladder that he was holding and balancing on his own. When he tried to step his feet through large rings at the top of the ladder, he brutally fell down.

Everyone yelped in fear Novruzov had hurt himself, but he was fine and begged for another chance to perform. Because of the show's time restraints, he was unable to try again. Regardless, Novruzov proved his act is truly death-defying and the judges felt bad it didn't work out for him this time around.

The five acts who will take the stage in AGT Season 10's finale will be revealed Wednesday night on NBC.