Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance host Jeff Probst admits he doesn't think about half the women in this season's cast will win the game.

"We have more people with a shot to win than we've ever had on any season," Probst told Entertainment Weekly at the start of filming Survivor's 31st season. "Without any comparison. I think it's easier to say who doesn't have a shot."

Ironically, every person Probst pointed out happened to be a woman.

"I would say [Kass McQuillen] doesn't have a shot," Probst said. "I just don't think people want her to win. And if they don't, you're not going to."

McQuillen competed on Survivor: Cagayan, the series' 28th season, and finished in third place. She referred to herself as "Chaos Kass" and never stayed true to her alliances. She made it known on numerous occasions she was playing her own game, even if that meant flipping, being disliked or becoming an outcast.

"[Peih-Gee Law] -- I don't think there's any chance Peih-Gee can win. And [Kimmi Kappenberg] -- depends on who she's against. [Abi-Maria Gomes] -- depends on who she's against," Probst told EW.

Law competed on Survivor: China back in Season 15, and she finished in fifth place. Law lacked a great social game and had trouble making friends on the show.

Kappenberg finished the second edition of Survivor: The Australian Outback in twelfth place. Kappenberg is best remembered for being a loud vegetarian who got into a huge fight about not wanting her tribe to kill their innocent chickens.

Gomes was a feisty, outspoken player during Survivor: Philippines. She finished in fifth place during Season 25. Gomes had trouble trusting her closest allies in the game and was labeled a "bully" by some of her tribemates. Gomes wasn't very likable towards the end of the game.

In addition, Probst said Shirin Oskooi from Survivor: Worlds Apart -- Season 30 during which she claimed eighth place -- will "have a tough go of it."

"Now, Shirin could turn it though," Probst explained. "It depends on what he does in the first few days... Shirin is gonna have a tough time winning, but that's only based on how she's coming into the game. So if Shirin on Day 1 turns it over comes in and says, 'Hey, I'm a fresh new player. Forget about last season,' she could be good to go."

Oskooi annoyed most of her tribe with her constant strategy talk, paranoia and bizarre behavior. Many of the players found her annoying, and she clung on to another Super Fan -- Max Dawson, who was arguably even more intolerable -- of the game too early on. However, Oskooi managed to blend into a No Collar alliance once she realized her mistakes.

"Everybody else, they can win against anybody," Probst said. "We have a lot of legitimate underdog likeable second chancers."
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Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance premieres Wednesday, September 23 with a special 90-minute broadcast at 8PM ET/PT, directly followed by the finale of Big Brother's seventeenth season from 9:30-11PM ET/PT.