America's Got Talent judges, including guest judge Michael Buble, advanced seven out of 20 acts to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall during Tuesday night's broadcast on NBC.

The 20 acts, who were some of the best from Season 10's auditions that took place over the course of four weeks, performed again for a studio audience as well as AGT judges Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Mel B and Howie Mandel.

Buble was in control of the "golden buzzer," meaning he could automatically advance one fantastic act straight through to the next round without any deliberation.

The seven acts who advanced to the live shows are The Craiglewis Band, ages 33 and 31, from Atlanta, GA; DM Nation, a dance crew from the ages 14-29; Benjamin Yonattan, a 14-year-old from Kalamazoo, MI; Uzeyer Novruzov, a 39-year-old stagehand; Daniella Mass, a 23-year-old furniture store employee; IRA, a 32-year-old flower delivery specialist; and Selected of God Choir, ages 21-52, from Detroit MI.

Buble decided to use the "golden buzzer" on The Craiglewis Band after Craig and Lewis harmonized "I'm Goin' Down" and received a standing ovation. Buble pointed out they didn't even need his help to move forward on the show.

The judges therefore chose to cut Aiden Sinclair, a 44-year-old from Cheyenne, WV; Jenna Renae, a 23-year-old marketing specialist and aspiring singer; Shirley Claire, an 87-year-old from San Antonio, TX; Facinet Sylla, a 26-year-old from Eugene, OR; Nastasya Generalova, a 15-year-old from Westwood, CA; Wes Barker, a 29-year-old magician; and Ryan Sh.w, a 39-year-old from New York, NY.

The rest of the acts who got eliminated are Dr Danger's All Stars, ages 26-53, from Austin TX; Center Stage, ages 14-18, from Orem UT; Daditude!, ages 42-55, from Los Angeles CA; The Chippendoubles, ages 21-75, from Los Angeles CA -- who got sent home from four red X's pressed by the judges -- Chris Jones, a 28-year-old hypnotist; and Scott Heierman, a 25-year-old in retail sales.