America's Got Talent's judges weren't shy to point out which acts deserve the $1 million and which acts disappointingly fell flat in their last Season 10 performances during Tuesday night's broadcast of the finals on NBC.

The 10 finalists of America's Got Talent took the stage last night in the hope of delivering astounding routines worthy of winning the reality competition's $1 million grand prize. Half the group rose to the occasion, while the other half failed to impress.

The acts who have the best shot to win after last night are magician and mind reader Oz Pearlman, funny ventriloquist Paul Zerdin, The CraigLewis Band, The Regurgitator Stevie Starr, and comedian Drew Lynch.

Oz wowed judges Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, and Melanie "Mel B" Brown with a three-step mind reading act.

Oz had the judges each swear on one person to demonstrate how they were not part of Oz's act. The judges then had to pick from five cards and ultimately five chairs -- all of which Oz had predicted they would choose. Oz even guessed the names of the people the judges initially swore on.

Howie told Oz that he's never seen someone do something so amazing, and the other judges agreed he's a real contender for his own Las Vegas show.

The CraigLewis band received a standing ovation from the judges and wild applause from the audience for their performance of "Beggin' You" by Madcon.

Paul showed off his skills by bringing three different puppets onstage at once and manipulating all the voices to have one giant conversation. He created voices for a baby and an old man. The judges told Paul his act was polished and flawless -- although Howie admitted the character voices don't differ much from one another.

The Regurgitator attached tacks to a magnet inside his stomach and inhaled gas that he eventually blew onto a lighter to make for exciting explosions. Heidi called Stevie her "million dollar act" because he's brilliant and there's no one else in the world that can do what he does.

Drew also got some big laughs from the audience and his story is really inspiring. Howie confessed that Drew had "trumped" the other comedians in the competition -- Piff the Magic Dragon and Gary Vider. Howie believes a comedian will win Season 10, so Drew must be his pick.

Although fans had high hopes for Piff and magician Derek Hughes, both acts didn't bring their A-game. The judges told Derek he was in a strong position to be crowned champion but delivered an "underwhelming" performance and his presentation "dragged." Both acts were expected to achieve epic performances, but neither guy followed through. 

Gary, ladder balancer Uzeyer Novruzov and singer Benton Blount all did a good job but failed to blow people away.