Survivor host Jeff Probst is surprised a couple of castaways got selected by America to compete on Season 31 in which veteran players will get a second chance at winning the $1 million.

"I was surprised that Kimmi Kappenberg made it," Probst told Entertainment Weekly on the first day of filming in Cambodia. "I was happy. I love having a couple of people from the second season, Australia."

Kappenberg, best remembered for her vegetarian ways and wanting to save the chickens on the island, finished Survivor: The Australian Outback in twelfth place.

Besides Kappenberg, Probst was also taken aback by the fact home viewers wanted Peih-Gee Law to return. She had finished Survivor: China in fifth place. Law lacked a good social game and had trouble making friends on the show.

"I was surprised that Peih-Gee made it. Pleasantly surprised," explained Probst.

"Because I find Peih-Gee to be an underrated player when I think back to her season, because she really was on the downside the entire time and still made it really deep [into the game]. I do think Peih-Gee is going to have a very tough time with this group, but I was glad to see her get a second shot."

Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance premieres Wednesday, September 23 with a special 90-minute broadcast at 8PM ET/PT. The finale of Big Brother's seventeenth season will follow from 9:30-11PM ET/PT.