Jayanna invalidated the emotions the 20-something "Kittens" were feeling for Mark Philippoussis, and as a result, the 31-year-old Australian professional tennis player decided to eliminate the 39-year-old divorced mortgage loan officer from Newport, CA during last night's broadcast of NBC's Age of Love reality dating series.

Age of Love's sixth episode began with Maria, a 42-year-old photographer from Playa Del Rey, CA, explaining why for the second time in the competition for Mark's heart she decided to remain despite claiming she was ready to withdraw because he wasn't paying her enough attention.  Jayanna said she wanted to call Maria out on it before lecturing the two remaining Kittens -- Megan, a 21-year-old Loyola University student from Chicago, IL, and Amanda, a 25-year-old financial planner's assistant from Nashville, TN -- for thinking they were the only ones who have feelings for Mark.

"Jayanna you know, half of the things she says, there are other motives behind it," said Amanda.  "She's trying to get us to disconnect from Mark.  She's telling us that he's not good enough for us and all these things.  I think I can decide what's good or not for me."  Added Megan,  "I'm in school and I have plenty of lectures from my professors.  I don't need it from some older woman."

The next morning Mark informed the five remaining bachelorettes that they'd be accompanying him on a two-day camping trip so he could "bring out certain sides of their personalities" he hasn't seen yet.  Maria thought the camping trip would "create a lot of romance;" Megan reveled she has zero camping experience; while Jayanna and Amanda were both excited.

Once they arrived at the campsite, Mark showed the girls how to light a fire using matches.  Mark then took Maria on a walk to collect firewood, and she revealed she had been "committed" to going home.  Mark was glad she didn't because he said it's "important" for him to open up to her.  They then kissed for a while before returning to the campsite where Jennifer, a 48-year-old executive assistant for the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers from Carson, CA who has been married twice before, stole Mark for a few seconds and took him into the tent.

That night the camping trip got a little rowdy as the suitors and Age of Love bachelor drank wine and took tequila shots, which led to them playing such games as truth or dare and spin the bottle.  Jayanna was dared to run with her pants down -- which she did -- and then Mark followed suit.

"We saw his very, very white behind," commented Amanda.

Maria then shared a special moment with Mark that was filled with romantic mumbo-jumbo, but it was in the presence of the other girls, causing some to laugh at the display of affection.  Maria immediately got defensive and singled out Jen for laughing, causing Jen to walk away into the woods.  Mark followed and calmed Jen down, getting her to apologize to Maria with a hug.  However Mark was concerned Maria's outburst at Jen meant she might be "too intense" for him.

Mark then took Megan for a late-night walk, but she was obviously more inebriated then the rest of the girls, causing her to stumble over both her feet and her words.  "When people are tipsy, the truth comes out," said Mark.  Megan said she was unsure of her feelings for Mark and called the situation "weird."  Mark described Megan as an "absolute sweetheart" but said since she was unsure about her feelings, he was unsure about letting her stay.

When it was Jayanna's turn to go for some alone time with Mark, Amanda immediately began to second guess her standing in the competition and felt nervous.  "I'm not sure about this anymore," said a tearful Amanda.  She had reason to be concerned as Mark led Jayanna to a clearing in the woods that was illuminated by Christmas lights and included a hammock.  The two danced, talked and kissed.

Amanda was the only one who still hadn't had alone time with Mark, and she explained to a passed-out Megan how she was tired of waiting around, instead deciding to venture into the woods to find Mark and Jayanna.  The search was unsuccessful, so Amanda returned and decided to wait for Mark in his tent, where she promptly fell asleep.  When Jayanna and Mark returned, Jayanna tried to see if she could sleep in his tent, to which he replied the night was over and he retired.  However he was surprised to find Amanda waiting for him, although he did quickly cuddle up to her. 

"It sounded like a jealous wife not knowing where he husband was," said Jayanna about Amanda's reaction to Mark's return, also referring to the Kitten as "presumptuous" and "cheeky."  Amanda spent the night in his tent, but not before bashing Jayanna for invalidating the other girls' feelings.

"Jayanna has tried to make it seem as if I'm naive for feeling the way I feel because according to her he's been making us feel the same way, doing the same things," said Amanda.  "I don't even know how to read my emotions.  I feel confused."
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The next morning the campers awoke and Jayanna couldn't help but tell the rest of the bachelorettes how Amanda was waiting in Mark's tent when they returned from their alone time.  Amanda said Jayanna's comments made her feel "awkward" because the time she spent with Mark was "private" and "personal."  The girls peppered Mark with questions about his time with Amanda, however he kept quiet and ate his pancakes.  Mark then informed the girls that one of them would be eliminated before the day was over and would not be returning back to the city on the RV.

"After Mark and I talked last night, he knew that it was Jayanna who was making me feel that I was naive for thinking that Mark thought I was special," said Amanda.  "I wouldn't be too, too surprised if it was Jayanna that went home."  However Jayanna felt differently.  "I know Mark has stated on more than one occasion that he doesn't like super-aggressive women," she said.  "Amanda kind of being somewhere where she wasn't invited, I can't think that could be good for Amanda."

Mark said he was facing some "obvious choices" at the elimination, and quickly told Jen, Maria and Amanda that they were all safe.  He then invited Megan into the woods next -- and despite the fact she acted her age on the camping trip by tossing back a few too many drinks -- Mark told her she was safe.  That created a somewhat uncomfortable confrontation between Mark and Jayanna.

"I've always been honest.  I heard things last night which hurt me and I did not see would come from you," began Mark to Jayanna.  "Did you mention to Amanda that, 'How can you like him?  How can you have feelings for me?'"  Answered Jayanna, "See, this is the difference between me -- somebody who's 39 -- and somebody who is young... That's not what I said."  She then reiterated that she told the Kittens to make sure they "really are getting what they need from the person that they're with."  Mark wasn't buying it.

"I just felt like a little bit of games inside the house... mental games," said Mark.  Replied Jayanna, "You know what?  I'm a woman and I don't play girl games.  I just don't want to see the girls get their heart broken either that's why I want to make sure they're getting their needs met too..."

"I'm not here to play any games, especially with anyone's heart," answered Mark sternly.  Jayanna seemed defeated.  "Honestly Mark, I'm not going to defend myself... I know my heart."

"I'm not asking you to defend yourself," he said.  "All I'm doing is just going with my feelings and what I feel.  It upset me.  It hurt me because I didn't want it coming from you because I wanted you to be on that RV.  I just make decisions on how I feel and am just true to that.  I might be wrong, but this is how I feel."  Mark then walked away, leaving Jayanna sitting along on a tree stump.

"I know who I am, and what a great person I am and what a great heart I have," she said.  "I guess I was duped.  Knowing that I gave Amanda advice and having it used against me, it just seems really desperate, so super-immature and really sad.  I think what I've learned is that I'm really happy to be the age that I am and I don't ever want to be 20 again."

Age of Love's seventh episode will air Monday, July 30 at 9PM ET/PT on NBC.
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