Despite an earlier report that The Bachelor producers were targeting men in only a handful of professions to serve as the long-running reality franchise's next star, the show's casting directors are apparently casting a much wider net than previously presented, with one casting director stating that producers are still even considering making the show's next season another The Bachelorette edition.

"We're looking for someone who wants to settle down and have a relationship," Tedd Schermerhorn, a Kassting Inc. casting director who spent last weekend casting in Aspen, told the Aspen Daily News. "That's our ultimate goal, we want it to be a heartfelt show."

"If it's a guy, we want them to be attractive and more of a professional person, not somebody who's just hanging out... they have to have something to offer." Schermerhorn added.

Schermerhorn's team spent the weekend hitting Aspen's bars, events and clubs in the hopes of finding the show's next possible star (although this winter's The Bachelor: Paris proved to be a modest ratings success for ABC, final couple Travis Stork and Sarah Stone ended their relationship in record The Bachelor time and the network has not yet officially ordered another edition of the series.)

"We're hand selecting people," Schermerhorn explained. "There's a certain demographic that we're looking for, and that's represented in Aspen." "Ski bums need not apply," noted the Daily News.

Schermerhorn and his team will continue their search next weekend in Vail, Colorado. The casting team is also reportedly visiting major cities like New York and Los Angeles. "There's a lot of research that goes into it," Schermerhorn explained to the newspaper. "We have teams in the office researching to find that high-class group that guys or girls are a part of."

"We've interviewed a lot of people already, and there have been some interesting characters, but the process is ongoing; it may be months before we find 'The One,'" Schermerhorn added in a comment that is consistent with the rather distant August 17, 2006 mail-in application deadline listed on the show's casting website.

However, the casting website isn't consistent with Schermerhorn's most noteworthy comments -- his statements that although all three of the show's previous The Bachelorette stars have been former rejected The Bachelor bachelorettes, the show's producers are mulling the idea of casting a previously unknown woman as the star of the show's next edition.

Although still lists The Bachelorette on its casting information webpage, the listing links to the exact same casting website as The Bachelor's listing, and although The Bachelor's casting website features a bachelorette application, it is listed as being for women who are "interested in dating the Bachelor."

Meanwhile, The Bachelor casting producer Danielle Barba has also continued the show's online casting attempts, following up her attempts to contact the employees of leading architectural firms by attempting to reach out to yachtsmen.

"The ideal candidate is an attractive, single, 28-35 year-old accomplished CEO, Architect, Lawyer, Entrepreneur or Businessman," Barba wrote in a notice posted on "The yachting community matches this demographic perfectly."