Wanda Lopez-Rochford and her daughter Desiree Cifre were unable to recover from falling behind at a Roadblock superleg during last night's broadcast of The Amazing Race 9's fourth episode, resulting in the pair becoming the third team to be eliminated from the latest edition of the CBS reality show.

The Amazing Race 9's fourth episode began where the last one ended, with friends Jeremy Ryan and Eric Sanchez meeting Race host Phil Keoghan in Moscow's Red Square and learning that rather than checking into a Pit Stop, they were still in the middle of a superleg. Phil handed them their next clue -- instructions to fly to Frankfurt, Germany and then take a train to the city of Stuttgart and find Mercedes-Benz's flagship factory. Once they arrived at the factory, the team learned they would be taking a ride on the test track, which included a banked turn nicknamed the "Wall of Death." Since the track did not open until 8:30 the next morning, the guys were disappointed that the other teams would catch up to them.

For once, the airport was not a bunching point for all the remaining The Amazing Race teams. Although Lake and Michelle Garner were only minutes behind the leaders, they were not allowed to check in for the same flight that Jeremy and Eric had booked and were instead forced to settle for one that left two hours later. After that, the remaining teams were waiting in ticket counter lines when they learned that the airport computers were down. Hippies BJ Averell and Tyler Macniven were in the right place at the right time when they came back up, with the previously-closed counter at which they were standing suddenly opening and allowing them to be able to get tickets on the same flight as the Garners. Unfortunately, the rest of the teams weren't nearly as lucky and had to spend the night in Moscow and fly out the next morning.

After the teams completed the product placement test ride, they were handed the keys to the Mercedes and directed to drive 200 miles to Ellbach Field, an open field near the town of Bad Tolz. Once at the field, teams completed the product placement Roadblock (what is this, The Apprentice?), where they had to search under 150 pointed hats and gnome feet for one of 11 Travelocity roaming gnomes that held their next clue. Getting to the Roadblock turned out to be a tough challenge for Wanda and Desiree, who kept making wrong turns when trying to get out of Stuttgart and onto the Autobahn. Childhood friends Dani Torchio and Danielle Turner were following the mother-daughter pair and also fell behind the rest of the pack. However, Dani and Danielle were able to move ahead when Desiree struggled to find a gnome at the Roadblock.

Once teams completed the Roadblock, they headed to the city of Grunewald to find Bavaria Film and complete the leg's Detour. Teams that chose to "Slap It" learned and performed a traditional German dance, while teams choosing "Break It had to alternate breaking stunt bottles on their teammate's head until they found a specially marked label. While the "Break It" task seemed fun at the start, most teams were frustrated with it before it was over -- especially since they had to wait for a cuckoo clock to chirp before breaking the next bottle. Although they started with "Break It," dating couple Monica Cayce and Joseph Meadows later switched to the "Slap It" task, as did Ray Whitty and Yolanda Brown-Moore.

After completing the Detour, teams were finally directed to the Pit Stop -- the 153-year-old Siegestor peace monument 10 miles away in Munich. Eric and Jeremy were the first to bring their gnome to the Pit Stop, where they were rewarded with a trip to Africa. Having observed their seemingly non-stop focus on women, Phil Keoghan commented that the pair were "the biggest Casanovas we've ever had on The Amazing Race." Undeterred by Phil's comment, Eric and Jeremy replied that they hoped that Dani and Danielle would make it to the mat so that they could "do a little more tongue-wrestling or whatever."

One by one the other teams checked in, leaving former allies Wanda and Desiree and Dani and Danielle fighting to avoid finishing last. Even though they could see their opponents driving ahead of them, Wanda and Desiree were unable to pass them and learned that they were eliminated from the Race.