Remember Christi, who couldn't stop crying over Aaron? And Shannon, who turned to stone when Alex told her goodbye? And what about Bob and Jamie, two well-liked guys who didn't win Trista's heart? ABC will give you a chance to find out how their lives have changed and what it was really like to go through their television dating experience when the network airs "The Bachelor: Where Are They Now," special on Wednesday, March 19th at 9PM ET.

The special includes updates on Heather (from Texas), who had a pageant-like competitiveness about Aaron, Brooke, the Southern belle, and Gwen, the soft-spoken but strong woman - both nearly won Aaron's heart before he ultimately proposed to Helene Ecksterowicz. And now that Trista and Ryan are engaged, is there exciting news from our happy couple?

Other highlights will include:

* Follow along as Shannon meets her new boyfriend's parents for the very first time

* Go wedding dress shopping with Trista and Ryan, and get the latest on their wedding plans

* Witness a surprise marriage proposal for one of the former "bachelorettes."