NBC has announced that casting directors are hitting the road in March in search of engaged couples who would like to participate in NBC’s new reality series, “Race to the Altar.”

It’s “I Can” before “I Do” when eight couples chase around the country competing against each other in a series of mental and physical challenges. At the end of each episode, one couple will be eliminated until the final show when the winners wedding of a lifetime takes place live on national television.

“Race to the Alter” is a production of NBC Studios, TWI and LMNO Productions (the people who brought you "Boot Camp.")


- Seattle, WA Saturday, March 8, & Sunday March 9
- San Diego, CA Monday, March 17 & Tuesday, March 18
- Memphis, TN Saturday, March 15 & Sunday, March 16
- San Antonio, TX Saturday, March 15 & Sunday, March 16
- Indianapolis, IN Thursday, March 20 & Friday, March 21
- New York, NY Saturday, March 22 & Sunday March 23
- Detroit, MI Saturday, March 22 & Sunday March 23
- Philadelphia, PA Monday, March 24 & Tuesday, March 25

Exact venues are to be determined.


Hotline: 888 751-8088