A&E has announced that it has ordered Paranormal Cops, a new reality series about a group of police officers who also apply their investigative training to paranormal cases.

The show is tentatively scheduled to premiere sometime later this year, according to the network.

Similar to Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, the plumbers-by-day/ghost-hunters-at-night stars of the Sci Fi Channel's hit Ghost Hunters reality series, Paranormal Cops will feature a group of Chicago-area residents who work as real-life police officers during the day but apply their forensic and investigative training to investigate paranormal cases at night.

"Paranormal Cops is the perfect marriage of A&E's successful crime and justice genre with our blossoming paranormal programming that documents real-life accounts of bona fide paranormal investigators," said Robert Sharenow, senior vice president of nonfiction and alternative programming for A&E.

While many of the group's investigations come from people who have contacted them after feeling victimized by inexplicable events that have taken place in their homes or workplaces, the police officers also take some cases from their day jobs when called upon, according to the network.

In addition to Paranormal Cops, A&E also announced that it will premiere the third season of Paranormal State, which follows the activities of Penn State University's Paranormal Research Society, a group of students who conduct paranormal research as part of their college studies, on Monday, January 19 at 10PM ET/PT.

Paranormal Cops is produced by North South Productions for A&E, with Charlie Debevoise and Mark Hickman serving as the show's executive producers for North South and Sharenow and Elaine Frontain Bryant  serving as executive producers for A&E.