A&E has announced Paranormal Cops, a new reality series that will follow group of police officers who also apply their investigative training to paranormal cases, will premiere with a special one-hour episode on Tuesday, January 19 10:30PM ET/PT.

Similar to Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson -- the plumbers-by-day/ghost-hunters-at-night stars of the SyFy's Ghost Hunters reality series -- Paranormal Cops will feature a group of Chicago-area residents who work as real-life police officers during the day but apply their forensic and investigative training to paranormal cases at night.

In the premiere episode, the team will respond to a store manager who claims paranormal activity in his basement has him contemplating quitting, which leads to an investigation that uncovers the business was once a gambling hall frequented by mobsters.

A&E ordered the six-episode series last January and it is being produced by North South Productions.