A&E has announced Parking Wars' third season will premiere on Tuesday, October 6 at 10PM ET/PT with back-to-back half-hour episodes.

Parking Wars upcoming third edition will continue to follow Philadelphia Parking Authority employees in their daily duties, however it will also document parking enforcement officers from the Detroit's Municipal Parking Department.

Some of the highlights of Parking Wars third season include Young Mike being insulted and flirted with; Brian doling out cranky comments along with citations; Marlene earning the affectionate nickname "hairspray" while on the beat; former meter-maid Jeff being promoted to the role of supervisor; boot crew members Garfield and Sherry arguing with violators and each other; and impound lot supervisor Yolanda continuing to battle owners who demand their vehicles back despite numerous infractions.

Parking Wars premiered on A&E in January 2008 and its second season debuted late last year.

The show is produced for A&E by Hybrid Films with Robert Sharenow and Laura Fleury serving as executive producers for A&E and Daniel Elias and David Houts serving the same role for Hybrid.