90 Day Diaries' fourth season featured Tom Brooks' girlfriend Mariah giving him reassurance that he needed to continue in their romance, Fernanda Flores taking the next step in her relationship, Jess Caroline planning a move with her husband, and updates on Tim Malcolm and Danielle Mullins during the episode that aired Monday night on TLC.

The second episode of 90 Day Diaries' fourth season featured Tim, a 41-year-old from Charlotte, NC, and his ex-wife Veronica Rodriguez, who starred on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 3; Danielle, a 48-year-old from Sandusky, OH, who starred on 90 Day: The Single Life Season 1; and Tom, a 42-year-old from Nottingham, United Kingdom who starred on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 4 and his girlfriend Mariah, a 44-year-old from Las Vegas, NV.

The rest of the cast members who appeared on the special were Colt Johnson's ex-girlfriend Jess, a 29-year-old from Sao Paulo, Brazil who starred on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 and her husband Brian, a 27-year-old from Las Vegas as well as Fernanda, a 23-year-old from Mexico who currently resides in Miami and starred on 90 Day: The Single Life Season 1.


90 Day Diaries follows former 90 Day Fiance cast members navigating their lives after the show, providing viewers with an intimate view into their homes, plans and daily struggles.

Some of the footage is self-shot, similar to how cast members filmed themselves for 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined.

90 Day Diaries chronicles not just successful 90 Day Fiance couples but also numerous 90 Day Fiance alums who didn't see their original 90 Day Fiance relationship work out. The cast members have attempted to begin new romances after the failure of their prior overseas relationships.

The season will feature more cast members in the coming weeks, but below is what happened on Episode 2 of 90 Day Diaries' fourth season.


A few years prior to when this special filmed, Tim had met a woman from Colombia named Jeniffer. When he flew to meet her, they had nothing but problems on the trip.

Tim, for instance, put off sleeping with Veronica and she wanted a manly man, and Tim was afraid to do adventurous activities.

"Things between Jeniffer and I kind of fizzled out once I got back to the United States for multiple reasons. But one of the main reasons was that Jeniffer was always very uncomfortable with my friendship with my ex Veronica," Tim explained.

Veronica is Tim's ex-fiancee and they had been together for seven years. Even though they split up, they raised her daughter Chloe together. Chloe was a one-year-old when he and Veronica met and her father was not in the picture and so he "became dad."

"I'm still dad to this day, and fortunately, Veronica and I have been able to stay very close and both co-parent Chloe. We're practically best friends," Tim revealed.

Chloe was about to turn 16 years old, but he still tried to be hands-on with her as much as possible.

Veronica said she couldn't imagine Tim not being in her life at this point.

In late August, Veronica got into a nasty car accident when she was taking Chloe back to school. A man had blown through a stop sign and totaled Veronica's car, which left her with a broken foot and needing two surgeries. She was in a leg cast for over three months.

Veronica recalled Tim being there for her through it all and answering to her every beck and call.

Veronica no longer had the same range of motion in her foot, and so she wouldn't be able to wear six-inch heels again, which she said -- with a laugh -- was a tough pill to swallow.

Tim decided to help Veronica clear out her shoes, and he also took Chloe driving to teach her the basics. This was Chloe's first lesson ever, and Tim jokingly called it "a complete disaster."


"I don't think she's ready for the road... or to be out alone. It scares me... She's still a little girl in my mind," Tim admitted.

Veronica claimed Tim was a horrible teacher because he tended to lose his patience and the things Tim was teaching her would probably never come in handy.

Tim said he looked forward to Chloe blossoming into an adult and he believed he and Veronica had done a really good job raising Chloe together.


Danielle and her daughter Faith were shown going to a "smash room" so Danielle could work out her frustrations after two major breakups and one divorce from Mohamed Jbali, whom she had met online in 2012.

Danielle brought Mohamed to the United States on a K-1 visa because she thought they were in love. They got married in 2014 and then they divorced three years later.

Danielle had accused Mohamed of using her and the divorce was very hard on her.

But after Danielle built her confidence back up, she decided to forgive Mohamed for mistreating her and then they slowly became friends. Danielle was single for over three years after her romance with Mohamed ended, and then she jumped back into the dating pool.

"But nothing ever came out of dating those men," Danielle said.

"And then I had to put it on the backburner and make nursing school my priority. I finally graduated from the nursing program, and I am finally working my dream job. I am a licensed practical nurse at a skilled facility, and now I have more financial freedom and I don't have to worry about paying my bills."

Danielle said she had never been in a happy and healthy relationship, and so in celebration of her 49th birthday, she smashed objects in order to release all the negativity from her past.

Danielle determined that she would never support another man again, and Faith said she was very proud of her mother's personal and professional life, especially because she's a strong woman who doesn't need to rely on anybody.

The next day, Danielle's house was filled with her kids, grandkids and dogs. Danielle looked forward to buying a house that she could leave her children one day.

Danielle predicted her future would be bright and "good."


Tom had lived on and off in Argentina for over 10 years, and he was back in the country again.

"The place has been rubbish with COVID like the rest of the world. It's all restarting but it's not as busy as it was," Tom said.

Tom had real-estate investments in Argentina and so he considered Buenos Aires to be his second home.


Tom had met Darcey Silva in 2015 and after her relationship with Jesse Meester failed, they decided to give it a go. The pair, however, was never on the same page about their relationship intentions.

"Our relationship didn't last more than 15 or 16 months," Tom recalled. "And then I met Mariah on social media. I looked through her pictures repeatedly, for weeks on end. And finally, I mustered up the courage to say 'hello' and the rest is history, really."

Mariah lives in Las Vegas, NV, and is a mother of two boys, who are her priority. Tom called her stunningly attractive and the kindest person he's ever met.

Tom and Mariah had been dating for 17 or 18 months, and around seven months prior, Tom had asked Mariah to marry him but she said "no" because she wasn't ready to take that next step.

Even though the proposal didn't go as planned, Tom said he was still madly in love with Mariah and so they decided to continue being together.

Mariah was about to arrive in Buenos Aires for a three-week visit, and Tom was shown picking out a bouquet of flowers for her. Tom appeared very happy but noted how his relationship was "complicated."

Tom had spent 90 days in Las Vegas beforehand so Mariah could see what it was like having Tom around on a normal daily basis, and he admitted it wasn't everything he had expected it to be because she's going through a divorce with her ex-husband.

Mariah's ex-husband allegedly refused to sign divorce papers, and Tom called the situation "difficult." Tom revealed to his friend how Mariah's ex actually convinced her to move in together again, even though she didn't really want that.

"I don't have a choice," Tom said, adding how the man had moved in with Mariah and her kids.

Tom never got to meet Mariah's kids, which left him feeling very disappointed. Tom believed that Mariah's ex made this move when he heard about Tom staying in Las Vegas for three months.

"The whole time I was in Vegas, we didn't actually spend a night together," Tom shared, "because she also has the boys and her regular routine of what she does with them. Mariah is trying to juggle and make everybody happy, but in the end, I kind of felt rejected."

Tom said his long-term hope for his relationship was Mariah tying up loose ends with her divorce and then he could move to America or she could move to the U.K. He wanted to have a conversation about what the future was going to hold for them.

The next morning, Tom picked Mariah up from the airport. It had only been six days since they last saw each other, but Tom admitted it felt like six months. Mariah had traveled over 20 hours to reunite with Tom in Argentina.

Tom proceeded to take Mariah to a beautiful park, where he opened up about their struggles.

Mariah admitted it wasn't an ideal situation with her ex-husband but he's the father of her kids and she didn't want to disrespect him because she said he's "really a nice guy" and they're still friends. Mariah never wanted her kids to blame her for her divorce.

Tom said he felt "pushed to one side," and Mariah understood where he was coming from.

Tom told Mariah that he wanted to be a part of her family and he was becoming frustrated with his life and his next move. He felt like he was waiting for Mariah to sort her things out so she could make a decision on her end.


Mariah thought her divorce being finalized would make a big difference and then Tom could get a place nearby her house in Las Vegas and slowly integrate the boys into his life.

"Pinky promise," Mariah stated.

Tom realized he couldn't live without Mariah and he'd ask to marry him again. Tom, however, no longer wanted to be on the outside looking in; he wanted to start living his life with Mariah.



Jess currently lives in Las Vegas and she has her green card, and so she decided to open a makeup line. Jess was shown doing a photo shoot to promote her lipsticks and lip glosses.

Jess' mother died when she was 11 years old from cancer, and Jess recalled her always putting lipstick on to look pretty, which really touched Jess' heart. Jess wanted other women to feel confident in their lives and look beautiful.

Jess came to the United States on a J-1 visa and met Colt Johnson. They had dated seriously for three months and then Jess found out Colt had lied to her and cheated on her with Vanessa Guerra.

Jess discovered naked photos of women on Colt's phone, and so they broke up and then she met a man named Brian through a mutual friend. After three months, Jess and Brian got married -- and they've been married for about two years already.

"We are so happy together. He is my soul mate," Jess gushed.

Jess said she was living in a dangerous area in Las Vegas and wanted to move. She experienced a traumatic time in a parking lot when a man smashed her car, but Jess said Brian had just resigned a lease for one more year in their apartment and so he probably wouldn't be okay with moving.

Brian wanted to save money in order to buy a house later on, but Jess wanted to feel safe and know that Brian would support her in this change.

Jess had a date night with Brian that evening and they went to an archery place. Jess admitted that she didn't feel safe in their neighborhood, which made Brian feel really bad.

"But it's a big decision to jump into when we're not financially or mentally prepared to move at this point," Brian told the cameras.

Brian told Jess that they could start looking for a new place and if they found something affordable, they could move right away.

While looking on the Internet, Brian found many houses within their budget, and so the couple looked forward to moving -- and Jess hoped to make some money with her makeup line.

"I am super happy with my husband," Jess concluded.



Fernanda said she is a model who is currently designing her own collection. She had been married to Jonathan Rivera. The former couple met in 2018, continued a long-distance relationship for a year-and-a-half, and then they applied for the K-1 visa.

Once Fernanda moved to the United States, she and Jonathan got married.


"But there was a lot of drama and we couldn't compromise on where to live," Fernanda explained.

Fernanda wanted to move to Chicago and felt trapped in Jonathan's small North Carolina town, and so they got divorced about a year-and-a-half before this special filmed.

Fernanda decided to move to Chicago, and she began dating a man named Robby. After a few dates, she saw a lot of red flags and opted to end that romance. Robby accused Fernanda of being "insecure" in their relationship.

Fernanda said she needed something different and new after that experience and so she moved to Miami and focused on her career -- until she met her current boyfriend Noel Mikaelian.

"He's teaching me a new form of love that is way better for my life now," Fernanda gushed. "It's been a year since we've been dating and we live together... We have goals and things we want to accomplish."

Fernanda had been in America for three years and finally received her travel permit. She was therefore able to travel outside of the country, and so she decided to travel to Mexico to surprise her family and friends.

When Fernanda left home, her brother was only nine years old, and he was now 13 years old. Fernanda's mother was overjoyed to see her, and Fernanda also got to enjoy some drinks with her best friend Andrea.

Fernanda had plans to go meet Noel's family and attend his big fight that was coming up. She really loved him and cared about him, and Andrea seemed excited for her friend.

"It's been a year since Noel and I have been together, and I am very confident that in that year, I got to know who he is today. I feel ready to meet his family," Fernanda revealed.


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