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America's Next Top Model 5 - Episode 9 Summary

'The 'Paparazzi' Episode' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: November 16, 2005

The show starts off with super-corrupted-girl (Jayla) and super-kitty-girl (Nicole) who say how scared they were to be cut off and then relieved to know that they are going to London.  Let’s just say that it was a major emotional rollercoaster.  So, obviously, the girls vow that they will do better next time.

The girls receive Tyra mail that says that they will get to meet a model who made it thanks to her uniqueness.  The girls are puzzled.  At 1pm, there is a knock on the door and in walks this very androgeneous person who it’s hard to say whether it’s a boy or a girl (and super-corrupted-girl (Lisa) welcomes her with something close to a prowl… weird).  Well, the person is Jenny Shimizu who was discovered by Calvin Klein while she was riding her motorcycle and has made it thanks to her androgeneous look.  She also explains that she always has been a tomboy, which super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim) can relate to.  Super-Twiggy-like-girl asks Jenny how she feels about putting on very girly clothing.  Jenny answers that she feels like the clothing is a piece of art and she is trying to display it as best as she can.

Following this meeting with Jenny, super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim) says that she feels more confident and that she now sees that she can potentially do this and actually win.

Then, the girls get some more Tyra mail that is cryptic and says that they will get to meet a ghost of their past.  The girls arrive at a studio where they are met by an ET correspondent, Kevin Frazier.  A picture of Tyra looking very pretty (looks like an actual modeling picture) and then one where she is not so pretty and it appears as if she is making faces at the other women next to her.  Kevin says that the caption could have been something like Tyra not getting along well with costars.  He further explains that perception is reality and, as such, the girls have to be extra careful to look their best at all times.  He asks them whether they remember the photographer that was there with them from time to time.  Puzzled, the girls answer, “Yeah.”  Well, Kevin proceeds to show them pictures that were taken during the past weeks.  For example, super-cheese-girl (Bre) was caught twice with bad hair (once actually pulling her hair).  Super-clueless-girl (Lisa) was photographed while she was eating and it kind of looks like she’s stuffing herself.  So, Kevin reminds them that, while in London, the girls will be representing themselves, Tyra, and America’s Next Top Model.

Back at the house, we see super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim) talking about the girl who just left whichever room they were in.  So, we hear from super-cheese-girl (Bre) that super-Twiggy-like-girl always gossips when someone has left the room and she doesn’t like that.  Super-cheese-girl is outside smoking with super-corrupted-girl (Jayla) and asks her whether she ever talks behind someone’s back.  Of course super-corrupted-girl says that she never does that.  Super-cheese-girl says that she has noticed that super-Twiggy-like-girl always talks about someone and that’s not cool.

The girls get yet some more Tyra mail (again!) that says that the girls have time for another fierce picture before leaving.  So the girls arrive at this place and there is a guy there who says that, since they are leaving for London, they need a passport picture.  Oh, girls, this screams surprise photo shoot.  It seems as if only super-cheese-girl (Bre) might have caught on about what is going on or at least she is the one who seems the most model-like when she poses for her passport picture.  After all pictures are taken, the photographer reveals that he is not a real passport photographer but a real modeling photographer and that this was a challenge.  Remember, the girls have to look good at all times.  So, this was a challenge and he will choose the girl who did the best.  Super-cheese-girl (Bre) is the winner and she will get her prize when they get to London and she gets to share it with one friend.  She chooses super-frizzy-girl (Nik).

Before they leave the passport picture place, the photographer explains that he has this phone that can play videos and they each get to see someone give them a message.  Super-corrupted-girl (Jayla) is especially happy to see her boyfriend.  It turns out that she had been trying to get in touch with him in the past 2 weeks and had been unsuccessful.  So, hearing him say nice things and how much he loves her helps her a lot.

In the limo, super-cheese-girl (Bre) and super-frizzy-girl (Nik) are talking and they are basically talking about super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim).  When she hears that, super-Twiggy-like-girl moves next to the two other girls and says that it’s not cool to talk about her when she’s right there.  Well, that was the last straw.  So, super-cheese-girl started saying how she is fed up with super-Twiggy-like-girl talking behind everyone’s back.  Super-corrupted-girl (Jayla) added her 2 cents on that too and said that she was hurt with the insinuations that super-Twiggy-like-girl made that she was being dumped by her boyfriend.  Super-kitty-girl (Nicole) tried to defend super-Twiggy-like-girl but she is told not to meddle in this because she’s biased.  Bottom line, super-Twiggy-like-girl is crying and saying that she does that to joke but she now sees that the jokes might not be funny and she vows never to do it again.  Super-cheese-girl hugs super-Twiggy-like-girl and says that she should just watch that mouth of hers.  Off camera, super-cheese-girl says that she is not convinced of super-Twiggy-like-girl’s sincerity but that she will keep her enemies close and play them and end up winning.

Well, off to London they finally go.

They arrive there and are met by super-runway-dude (J. Alexander) who is in a famous double-decker London bus.  He gives them a tour of London.  The girls say how fabulous this all is.  At the end of the tour, super-runway-dude says that this is where their new home will be.  It is the hotel Savoy, which is a famous hotel.  The girls climb down the bus and, when they round the corner, they are assaulted by paparazzi.  Super-clueless-girl (Lisa) kept her head down the whole time because she didn’t want to have a bad picture.  Super-kitty-girl (Nicole) was almost perfectly gracious.  She posed for them and asked to be left alone.

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