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America's Next Top Model 5 - Episode 4 Summary

'The 'Walking' Episode' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: October 5, 2005

As is always the case after an elimination, the girls fear what will happen, think that it could have been them.  The usual stuff.  This time, though, Tyra paid the girls a visit.  She said that the judging was very hard the last time because the girls are all so strong.  Every one feels better.  All right!

The next day, they have to go to this pool where super-runway-dude (J. Alexander) welcomes them with his fuchsia cover thingy, crazy slippers, and a bathing cap with sequins.  So he makes them walk around the pool.  Some do very well.  Others are definitely not there.  Super-pageant-girl (Cassandra) is deemed too pageant-y.  Super-clumsy-girl (Sarah), although still clumsy, does not fall and is improving. 

After this straight walk (they were in bathing suits/bikinis, by the way), super-runway-dude asks them to pick a hat from a box and put on this little skirt and they have to dance with the hat.  Super-pageant-girl did not change anything when she “danced” with the hat.  Basically, she was walking and twirling at times.  Super-clumsy-girl just twirled and twirled while oohing.  Man!  Then, super-runway-dude imitated super-clumsy-girl and she realized how dumb she looked.  At the end of this whole pool thing, super-runway-dude said that there were two girls that really needed to work hard on their walk:  super-clumsy-girl and super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim).

Back at home, the girls work on their walk.  Super-clumsy-girl (Sarah) asks super-cheese-girl (Bre) to help her but she winds up doing push-ups with super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim).  Their relationship seems to be blossoming but then the next day super-Twiggy-like-girl feels like the worse girlfriend ever and will try to keep her distances away from super-clumsy-girl.  Although she is in an open relationship, super-Twiggy-like-girl really loves her girlfriend and doesn’t want to screw this up.

Meanwhile, super-pageant-girl (Cassandra) calls her mom and explains the awful things that are happening and how they want to cut her hair even shorter.  Her mom seems to have a lot of common sense so she tells her that, anyway, in a few months, it will be a non-issue because hair grows back and stuff.  Super-pageant-girl does not seem convinced.  Her mom asked her the very good question, “Do you love your hair more than you love this opportunity?”  THAT is the question.

The next day, the girls go to Sue Wong’s studio where there will be the next challenge.  They will have to walk up to a revolving platform at the end of the runway.  The winner will get to wear a certain gown that Tyra wore in the past and she will have a splendid dinner.  All right!  The girls are all dressed in splendid gowns and this thing of going onto the revolving platform (that is a few inches below the runway) is really hard.  I mean, it seems to be hard to keep your balance.  And, on top of that, the girls need to stay on the platform for a while so they have to move their legs but basically still pose with the gown. 

Super-clumsy-girl (Sarah), of course, almost fell but she didn’t.  She was awkward.  Almost equally awkward was super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim).  Sue Wong gave her comments on each of the girls.  She seems like a harsh but still fair judge about these things.  The person who seemed the most gracious and fluid and the winner of the challenge was super-cheese-girl (Bre).  She has to choose 4 friends to go with her.  She chooses super-eyebrows-girl (Coryn), super-twiggy-like-girl (Kim), super-frizzy-girl (Nik), and super-corrupted-girl (Jayla).

The prize consisted of allowing super-cheese-girl (Bre) to wear a certain dress that Tyra has worn in the past while dining out in grand style at a restaurant.  Well, the restaurant was indeed very chic and the girls got to eat caviar.  That is not what they really wanted to eat.  The girls seemed to find the caviar somewhat repugnant.

Back at the house, there is some more smooching and sexual tension between super-clumsy-girl (Sarah) and super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim).  The former calls her boyfriend and explains only partly what is going on in that she does mention that she spends a lot of time with super-Twiggy-like-girl but she doesn’t say that they made out.  Super-Twiggy-like-girl talks to super-cheese-girl (Bre) about it.

The next day, the girls have a photo shoot.  They will have to run on a treadmill as if they are running away scared from some awful thing.  They don’t know what that “thing” will be as they are shooting the pictures with a green background and the “thing” will be added later.  Before they actually start the photo shoot, super-makeup-dude (Jay Manuel) pulls super-corrupted-girl (Jayla) and super-pageant-girl (Cassandra) aside and tells them that it is time for their haircut. 

Last week, the judges didn’t like super-corrupted-girl’s hair extensions and preferred a shorter cut for her and Tyra was not pleased with how super-pageant-girl’s hair turned out (it was longer than it should have been).  Super-corrupted-girl was pleased at the thought of shorter hair so she easily complied.  However, super-pageant-girl was still in turmoil at the thought of having even shorter hair.  She has a moment to think about it… she debates and debates and finally decides not to have the haircut.  So she tells super-makeup-dude that she doesn’t want to have the haircut that day.  An incredulous super-makeup-dude asks her if, really, a client was asking her to cut her hair, she would go, “No, I don’t feel like it today?”  He said that, if she was to do that, she would lose her client.  Still, she doesn’t want the haircut.  So, super-makeup-dude tells her to leave the set as he has no time to spare on her.  And then he calls Tyra.  We don’t know whether super-pageant-girl was asked to leave or if she decided to leave on her own but we see her packing her bags and, indeed, leaving.  This haircut thing is very childish.  But even more than the childishness of this, it meant that super-pageant-girl did not really want to be there and that she took one spot that another girl would have deserved more…

So, there is not much to report about the photo shoot… as usual, some girls do very well and some just are not getting it.  It seemed to be a hard thing to do, though:  running on a treadmill (most of the time in high heels), pretending to be running away scared from whatever, while still being pretty and showing everything to its full potential.

The next day, the girls have an elimination anyway.  The girls are a bit disappointed by that, obviously.  The guest judge this week is Sue Wong.  This week’s evaluation was inspired by a former contestant on ANTM, Camille, when she said, “This is my signature walk and it is going to make me famous.”  So, the girls have to walk their signature walk in front of the judges, meaning that they have to incorporate some of their personality in the walk.  Again, some girls walk very well and others don’t.  When it is super-Twiggy-like-girl’s (Kim) turn, she felt the need to put a huge disclaimer and announced that she is about to do awful but she wants to keep on trying.  Then she walks (in front of puzzled judges) and, actually, she does an awesome job.  Super-photographer-dude (Nigel Barker) did not like her disclaimer and the attitude that went with it.  Ich!

The first to be evaluated was super-corrupted-girl (Jayla) and we find out what the girls were running from:  a very scary super-runway-dude (J. Alexander) dressed as the fashion police.  Super-corrupted-girl’s walk was not impressive but her picture was.  A lot of girls received as comments that their signature walk didn’t have anything “signature” in it.  When it comes to super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim), she explains that she is trying to figure out how to walk and look feminine and such but she knows that she has that masculinity about her.  Tyra instructs her to look at men magazine and fashion shows because male models have a tendency to look and walk in an effeminate way.  However, super-Twiggy-like-girl’s picture was deemed amazing and the judges liked that, for once, there is a head-on shot.

The judges deliberate.  The girls are all called back until only super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim) and super-clumsy-girl (Sarah) are left.  (Interesting, right?)  Tyra tells super-clumsy-girl that she wants to be a model so badly that she can’t handle the pressure of it all.  Tyra tells super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim) that the judges didn’t like her disclaimer and that she shouldn’t have pointed at her faults ahead of time:  chances are that people would not have noticed.  Super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim) is kept and super-clumsy-girl (Sarah) is eliminated.

I could not hear much in the previews for next week so here is what is posted on the UPN web site:

At the model house, one girl instigates an impromptu topless photo shoot. Each model learns what the other girls believe are her worst physical features, then Twiggy and Jay Manuel coach the competitors on how to turn their negatives into positives. One model's harsh comments about another stirs tension. J. Alexander and photographer Jay Goldman challenge the competitors to pose for two shots, one to best hide their flaws, and one to best flaunt their flaws. Supermodel Janice Dickinson makes a surprise appearance that excites many of the competitors, but later leaves one in tears. At the photo shoot, the models are challenged to take plastic surgery to the extreme through exaggerated make-up and devices. Smashbox Enterprises co-owners Dean and Davis Factor serve as guest judges.

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