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America's Next Top Model 5 - Episode 6 Summary

'The 'Commercial' Episode' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: October 19, 2005

This week, the episode starts with a twist on an old classic.  Instead of the girls saying how scared they are now that this girl was eliminated, it was super-frizzy-girl (Nik) who was quite bummed because super-plus-size-girl (Diane) had been eliminated… mainly because of the fact that she was the closest to her.

There is still tension in the house because of super-clueless-girl’s (Lisa) attitude in general.  Not only is she bugging the girls with her unwanted tips and tricks but the girls have noticed that she constantly needs to be the center of attention.  We see an incident with bubbles in the hot tub and super-clueless-girl going on a weird diatribe on bubbles.  Very odd.  Not only are her attitude and actions weird but we also learn that she has a tendency to drink a lot… that would explain a lot, actually. 

The next day, super-makeup-dude (Jay Manuel) arrives at the house and says that he is proud to introduce the first icon that he has had the pleasure to work with way back when.  And in walks Iman.  She tells the girls that there is one thing that is highly important for them:  they need to have flawless skin.  She explains that the girls can be rejected at an interview if their skin is not that great.  Also, clients are concerned about the costs of a shoot so, if the skin is not perfect, the picture will need retouching, which costs a lot of money.  The girls each have a recipe and they are to make them.  The face recipes are all from items that you can find in your kitchen.  Some are grossed out by what they have to put on their skin… but most of them seem to find it funny or something.

The next activity is that the girls will have to do a role-playing situation.  The girls are spokesperson for a certain product who are being interviewed and they have a list of points that they can tell the interviewer; the girls can pick and choose which points they want to talk about but that will be a reflection on how good (or bad) a spokesperson they would be.  But there is a catch…  The person who is playing the role of the interviewer is Chris Spencer who is a comedian.  So his job was to throw the girls off and see how they fared… and, boy, did he do a good job at it! 

Very few girls manage to even say one thing about the product.  The girls would start to talk and then he would veer the conversation in a whole new direction and the girls were trying to redirect the conversation but to no avail.  Super-corrupted-girl (Jayla) manages to put in quite a few of the lines but Chris finds her boring.  Super-Twiggy-like-girl (Kim) is busted for having written a few lines in the palm of her hand. 

Before her turn, super-clueless-girl (Lisa) informs us that she thinks that she will nail this as she knows all the lines by heart, man, and she’s going to be the best, etc.  Well, when it is indeed her turn, she failed rather miserably.  For instance, this product was supposed to have bananas and honey in it and she started ad libbing on the fact that the product is made out of things that you find in your kitchen and Chris added something about tomatoes and super-clueless-girl said yes (meaning that there were tomatoes in the product) and Chris said, “Really?  It has tomatoes?”  She tried to recover by saying that, no, there were no tomatoes.  She was all over the place. 

On the screen, they showed a green checkmark for all the points that the girls managed to make and a red X if they made a mistake or something of the like.  Super-clueless-girl had one checkmark and several Xs.  Man!  At one point, she was gesticulating quite a bit and Chris teased her that she should do all of the interview while dancing and she just danced like a moron there.  It was sad to see.

Super-Dairy-Queen-girl (Kyle) was the one who was able to deliver the more points and in a good manner so she won this challenge.  She chose super-kitty-girl (Nicole) to share her prize.  Well, the prize was quite something.  The girls got to film footage for VH1 to count down the 5 best top models of all time.

After the challenge, while the girls were getting ready to leave the location, another conflict erupted between super-toned-girl (Coryn) and super-clueless-girl (Lisa).  It isn’t clear exactly what started it.  Anyway, super-toned-girl eventually says that she can’t stand super-clueless-girl and, as the former is moving away to go sit down, super-clueless-girl tells her not to bitch behind her back.  Super-toned-girl basically reiterates (because she has said that a few minutes before) that she is not the only one who doesn’t like her but that she is the only one who said it to her face.  So she’s not doing anything behind super-clueless-girl’s back.  Super-clueless-girl attacks by insulting super-toned-girl, saying that she looks moronic right now.  Without skipping a beat, super-toned-girl replies, “And what do you think YOU are doing, alcoholic bitch?”  Man! 

In the limousine, the girls are rather quiet… most girls are sitting with super-toned-girl while super-frizzy-girl (Nik) is sitting next to super-clueless-girl but doesn’t offer any help or solicitude.  Super-frizzy-girl explains that she has no energy to do it.  On camera, she also says that she finds it very hard, all this tension and everything.

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