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Hell's Kitchen 1 - Episode 7 Summary

'Has Anyone Seen The Fillets?' By volsfan
Original Airdate: July 11, 2005

SilverGirl did a great job with episode 6 and I am looking forward to this one. Yesterday I wrote the summary for Princes of Malibu. Even though it was a 30-minute show, I have to admit it was one of, if not the, worse show I have ever summarized. The time spent was hell! Hell’s Kitchen is award winning compared to that carp.

The show starts with 5 peeps left; Elsie, Jessica, Jimmy, Michael and Ralph. Ramsay pulls them into the kitchen to tell them they will be participating as individuals. Gone away are the red and blue teams, the cooks will now be wearing white jackets with black stripes.

The final five gather for their first individual challenge. Ramsay shows them how he makes fruit flambé and the cook that prepares it the best will win a great prize. They have 5 minutes to go in the kitchen, get items, return to station and make dessert. Elsie and Jimmy have never made this dish so they are at a disadvantage.

Michael is up first and Ramsay says caramel is nice but the appearance looks like one of Jimmy’s plates…dirty! Michael says he is embarrassed. Don’t worry Mike walk into your local supermarket with your pants unzipped while not wearing underwear. I had no idea why peeps were giving me strange looks.

Ralph is next and the dish tastes great to Ramsay. Ralph is all smiles and says thank you. However, Ramsay informs Ralph that he forgot to sprinkle the finished product with sugar. Ralph, it happens to all of us. There was that one time I put shaving cream on my toothbrush. Worked so well, I didn’t have to shave my teeth for 3 months.

Jessica says she has made this dessert a time or two in her life. Ramsay says that the banana had raw sugar on it and she needed to let it caramelize a little longer. Jessica, I had a new recipe for potato soup and was all excited to serve to my family. Everyone said it smelled delicious. We all got our bowls and started to eat. We ate everything put the potatoes. I cut them in such big pieces before cooking that they didn’t have time to get done. They were hard as a rock.

Ramsay had nothing bad to say about Elsie’s dish. Nice presentation, great taste and clean plate and was the same things he had to say about Jimmy’s. The choice has to be made and it is Jimmy. Ramsay tells Jimmy he can pick someone to go with him on his prize trip outside Hell’s Kitchen. Everyone knows he is going to pick Elsie because it came down to the two of them. Jimmy opens his mouth and the name just flows very smoothly out of his vocal chords…M I C H E A L!

Elsie is shown in confessional discussing how shocked she was for not being picked. She is whining more than her 87 children back home. * sniff * * sniff *

The losers have to stay in Hell’s Kitchen and clean the front of the place. While the winner and the tag-a-long gets a helicopter tour of LA. AT the end of the ride, the helicopter lands on a building in downtown. JP and Ramsay are waiting with champagne and they celebrate their win.

Meanwhile back at loser lodge, Elsie is still whining like her 91 kids back home. She flips off the winners as they return showing her immaturity.

The next night Chef gathers the final five to tell them they are keeping the menus as they were last time. The only difference is the Caesar salad and the flambé will be served tableside (prepared at the table). Since Jimmy won the challenge he gets to decide which cook will do it. This time he picks Elsie for coming in second during the challenge.


Instead of letting enjoy the reward, he puts in her in the hot seat by making her cook on the floor in front of customers. BWAHAHAHAH! I am still LOLing here. Note to self: Never get on Jimmy’s bad side!

Actually, that last scene was funny. Ramsay asks Jimmy who he picks and Jimmy doesn’t say anything. Ramsay tells him he has to know NOW! Jimmy mumbles Jesus. Ramsay says Jesus? Ralph says that Jesus didn’t make the final five.

As the doors open, Elsie is sent out front and the others finish preparation and Ramsay tells them they are all alone tonight because he has given the Sous Chefs the night off. I need to find Sous Chef Scott and see if I can buy him a beer.

The night starts off with Ralph and Michael getting their first starters out fht fastest time ever. However, everyone is ordering steak and Jessica is backing up quickly. The first hour is history and things are running more smoothly than ever before.

Things are going so well that Ramsay tells Ralph that he (Ramsay) can’t garnish the dishes fast enough and he needs help. Ralph has now become Ramsay’s assclown! This may also be some insight as to who Ramsay likes the most. Just as assclown starts helping, the lights go off to set the mood. Once the mood is set they come back on.

Jimmy starts falling apart as Ramsay says he has waited long enough on the lobster. Jimmy tells him it is coming up. In an attempt to keep his area clean Jimmy threw the lobster in the trashcan. Jimmy doesn’t deserve to be in the final five. He is incompetent at best.


We now have a major crisis alert at table 9 as one of the men at the table has NEVER had a salad that the lettuce is full leaf. The salad this guy is used to eating has the stems cutout and the lettuce is in strips. Are you kidding me? Doesn’t this man have a knife? I prolly would have dumped the salad over the man’s head. However, Elsie goes back to the table and cuts up the salad in small bites very similar to the way she cuts up the food for her 97 children back home.


The next crisis is brewing when Jessica can’t find steak fillets that Sous Chef Scott prepared for them. Sous Chef Scott prepared meat? Where was I? She runs around asking everyone including some of the customers if they have the fillets. Ramsay needs 3 fillets and 2 lobsters but doesn’t get a response. He says it again and then Jessica tells him that she has only 2 fillets. Ramsay’s response? You better be lying! Um…what if she isn’t chef? There isn’t much you can do about. However, Michael suddenly remembers where the steaks are and he saved the day. Or is he plotting against Jessica?

With the newly found meat, Michael says he will help Jessica and he takes over the fillets. Jessica goes to desserts and assclown is beside Ramsay’s side. The kitchen is running much smoother than before. Even Elsie gets the hang of things and is doing well.

Jimmy hasn’t recovered from losing the lobster when Ramsay needs risotto. Jimmy stumbles around and chef berates him and gets in his face screaming. Ramsay has saved his best for this scenario as he gets more bleeps than any other part of the show. Just cook the damn rice fat guy! I really don’t understand why Ramsay has to tell each cook what Jimmy did wrong.

Things come to an abrupt halt when Jimmy does the unthinkable. As Ramsay continues shouting he asks Jimmy why the lobster isn’t ready. Jimmy shouts that he is doing the best he can and “what the fvck” does he want him to do. Ramsay says to “come here” and Jimmy scream “NO!” Ramsay tells Jimmy to calm down or get out! Jimmy calms down.

Ramsay has had enough and at 10:15 he shuts down the kitchen. Assclown was very impressive to Ramsay so he will be determining the nominations. Assclown chooses Jimmy because his service was lacking and it caused down time in the kitchen. His second nominee is Jessica because she also caused down time.

Jimmy’s luck finally runs out and his 9th life has come to an end.

Next week is suppose to be the most intense and surprising show of the season and Silvergirl will be here to bring us all the action.

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