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Hell's Kitchen 1 - Episode 4 Summary

'You Complete Me' By Silvergirl1
Original Airdate: June 20, 2005

Last week's Hell...

Cue the intro that ends with the Ohio players "Fire", followed by a recap of last week's show where Jeff and his Kidney Stones called Satan (bleep), then stormed off, and Wendy "I thought cold water was supposed to boil faster than hot water" was eliminated over Andrew.

Hell Continues This Week...

Jessica is upset over the loss of her buddy, Wendy. "We're down to 8 people now and Hell's Kitchen is definitely changing."

The Red Team is coping well with the loss of Jeff and his Kidney Stones. Elsie and her cigarette credit their win to Jeff's departure. She's quite happy that he's gone. "He's been more of a problem than he was a help."

Ralph and Andrew have a discussion: Ralph asks, "Are you trying to acheive the role of smart ass?"

Andrew counters that he stood up for what he believed tonight. Ralph counsels him to keep his (bleep)ing mouth shut.

Hell's Kitchen, 6:58 AM

Scott and Maryann return to the dorms to wake the sleeping babies with air horns. The teams dress hurriedly, not even having time to brush their teeth or clean themselves up. The Sous Chefs teach them all some food prep in the kitchen, then Chef Ramsey takes them to the dining room where Jean Phillipe instructs them on the fine art of setting a table.

8:33 AM - Jean Phillipe continues his lecture on setting a table, while 8 tired Chef wannabes can hardly keep their eyes open. The lecture continues for about half an hour.

After Jean Phillipe is finished, Chef Ramsay tries his hand at an old magic trick, and pulls the tablecloth off of the example of a perfectly set table, thus destroying the 2 teams "cheat sheet".


The two teams have 5 minutes to set the perfect table, arranging 96 pieces of china, silverware, and glassware on a table.

Chris observes that Jimmy is a lumox who can't fold napkins.

Mary Ellen complained that Andrew keeps readjusting the plate, which throws off the alignment of the silverware.

Note to Fox: I find the tease before commercials to be tedious, unnecessary, and rather (bleep)ing stupid.

Okay, now it's time for Chef Ramsey to examine their table setting skills. The Red Team left some chairs out from the table, and didn't line their plates up correctly. Chef Ramsey tells Jimmy that his napkins look like something from the ladies toilet. Their are fingerprints everywhere. The Red Team has a total of 4 mistakes.

Chef Ramsey tells the Blue Team they have glasses too close to the plates, then whispers to Jean Phillipe while they wait for a verdict. He announces the Blue Team has won this challenge, with only one mistake, much to their delight. Their reward is waiting for them in their dorms.

The Red Team will have to polish silver, glass, and plates for tomorrow night's dinner service.

Ahhhh, Our First Reward

The Blue Team is greeted and congratulated by Scott the Sous Chef, who hands out fresh white terry cloth robes to everyone. The treat is an afternoon of rest, relaxation, and spa treatments. This is so exciting and the team settles down to receive their massages.

Jimmy is busy in the kitchen breaking stuff. Jean Phillipe tells Chris to take champagne up to the winning team. The Red Team has no idea what the Blue Team has won.

Chris delivers and pours the champagne for the Blue Team

Ralph offers Chris a taste, but he declines because he has work to do.

Ralph proposes a toast to the Blue Team's success. Chris returns to the kitchen, telling the Red Team wht they are missing out on. Elsie is very envious and would like a massage and facial. Poor Elsie!

8:44 PM - The teams gather after a hard day. They discuss and make fun of Jean Phillipe. Elsie can't help but notice the huge red billboard with Chef Ramsey's image on it, right above them. Lots of laughter and (bleeps) from both teams because they can't seem to get away from Satan's sight.

7 AM, 12 hours until opening

Through 3 dinner services, neither team has served even 1/2 their diners a full meal. Expecting improvement, Chef Ramsey has added 2 new menu items tonight - frog's legs and pigeon. He holds up a fully feathered pigeon and demonstrates the preparation by pulling out feathers and taking out the innards. First Jessica, then Elsie, complain in narrative about the awful nasty smell. Chef Ramsey in narrative says they have to learn prep from the beginning, just like a proper chef.

During the prep, Jessica gets frog juice in her eye.

Famous Last Words

Mary Ellen: I don't want to go home tonight.
Andrew: None of us are going home tonight. (He means the Blue Team, in case you were wondering.)


In the Red Kitchen, Elsie is cleaning pigeons while trying not to hurl, saying that she is prepared to do or die.

6:15 PM - Chef Ramsey reviews the 3 previous dinner services and their failures.

6:30 PM The Chef calls both teams together. He declares that tonight is comeback night. The first team to serve all of it's customers their full meals will be saved from elimination tonight.

He tells the Red Team the second part of their punishment for losing the challenge. They will have to set all of the tables for tonight's service, while the Blue Team is busy in the kitchen getting a head start on meal prep. Jean Phillipe informs them that they have to get it right before they can return to the kitchen.

6:50 PM - Scott compliments Mary Ellen on her food preparations. With just 5 minutes to go, the Red Team can now return to the kitchen to begin their food prep.

Since Andrew is having a hard time remembering which garnish goes with which dish, Ralph marks the garnishes for each dish on masking tape placed at Andrew's station.

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