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Hell's Kitchen 1 - Episode 2 Summary

'Pizza With Cheese, Hold The Squid Covered Cucumber' By Silvergirl1
Original Airdate: June 6, 2005


Opening shots of London. These days it boasts a new King, the King of all Chefs, met Gordon Ramsey!

In 1993, at the age of 27, Gordon Ramsay opened his first restaurant. Doing the math, I figure out he's only 39! Wow, look what the heat in the kitchen has done to his face!

He's been voted Englands best chef for the past 9 years. Nine restaurants, best selling books, and a top rated television program have made Gordon Ramsay a superstar. Really? That's news to most of us here, I'm sure. What a build up!

Anyway, he's the bad boy of celebrity chefs. "I push them to the absolute max. That's how you get perfection."

So, England has imported this hot as hell, and twice as nasty Chef to America. He's got his own reality show (doesn't every overinflated ego deserve his own reality show?), and he will mold one of 12 DAWs into a Master Chef, who will win their very own restaurant. I'm just happy his hair is not some massive combover.

The kitchen has 72 cameras to catch all the drama. Gordon will challenge and inspire, not to mention yell at, encourage, and push them to the limits.

Let's hear it from the victims contestants:

Jimmy: He's a freakin' maniac.
Mary Ellen: He's the devil.
Elsie: He's the Simon Cowell of the kitchen.
Jessica: He's way worse than Simon Cowell.

Ummm, Jessica, your hair is way worse than Ryan Seacrest's hair. Just sayin'. Actually, I'm just kidding, too. I would wear my hair like that, but it would scare Mr. Silver and Silverchild, not to mention our poor cat.

The Ohio Players play "Fire" and we see all of the wannabe Master Chef's who will be under fire for the next 10 weeks or so just to win a restaurant. There must be an easier way to get your own restaurant, but here they are anyway: Carolann (no longer with us, as of the end of Ep1), Chris, Elsie, Ralph, Michael, Jimmy, Wendy, Jessica and her hair spikes, Andrew and de Nile River, Mary Ellen the perky one, Dewberry, who will hereafter be called Dewber, which rhymes with Goober, and last, but not and maybe least, Jeff and his kidney stones.

They provide us with a recap of Ep1, but you can go read Vol's summary instead, if you haven't read it already.

Resetting the counter back to zero, to begin this episode.

Here we go...

Eleven tired peeps go back to their dorms to get some much needed rest at 12:30 AM.

Now, wait for it... Here's the big showdown between Elsie and Goober Dewber. Dewber is seen looking into the bathroom mirror, and a toilet flushes. Elsie comes out of one of the stalls, smiling. Dewber extends his arms to her and they hug. He says, "That was really hard on you. I'm sorry."

What? In voice over, he goes on, "It's really hard to hold a grudge, but the next time, if it were me picked, it's payback time."

Something tells me that Dewber is as gutless as a cleaned squid, only not as good looking. I don't think he should be thinking about being picked as the best on his team, unless Hell's Kitchen suddenly freezes over.

Back at the dorms:

"Jeff dude, you lucked out!"
"I'm relieved. I feel like I got one more day."
"What kind of breakfast are you going to make Elsie tomorrow morning? That's what I'd like to know."
"He wanted you something bad!"
"He's going to look for some improvement yada yada yada blah blah blah."

Good Morning, Losers

At 5:45 AM, Scott and Mary Ann, the Sous Chefs, wake up the teams by banging on pans. Dewber thought it could have been someone with a gun. Yes, you just never know Dewb, your time could be up soon, with all the face time you're getting, but I don't think there will be guns involved in your demise.

5:55 AM - Chef Ramsey has a plan to turn Hell's Kitchen around.

The teams are shown waiting around while Chris takes his time getting dressed and brushes his teeth. Seven minutes later, we are treated to the first of this episode, as Chef Ramsey calls Chris a "Lazy ". He chastises Chris, telling him to be up first next time, and to be there the same time as the rest of his team.

Chef Ramsey reminds them all of the bad opening at the restaurant the night before.

The Challenge

Today's lesson is a challenge that will teach the importance of attention to detail. The two teams are lead into the kitchen, where there are silver trays with covers, and zucchinis nearby. Elsie thought they were going to learn how to peel a zucchini. Yeah, Elsie, because that would be hard to learn how to do. Pffft! Btw, I would be worried if I were you, seeing all the face time you are getting.

Chef Ramsey has them lift the dome off of the trays to reveal mounds of squid. Dewber says, "When I saw all those squid, my heart sank, because I absolutely hate seafood."

My guess, Dewb, is that you are not going to get a chance to eat it, so chill.

Chef Ramsey asks Michael to sit out this challenge to even up the teams, and because Michael is an experienced squid cleaner, which has me wondering if Gordon saw it on Michael's resume. Wouldn't that be funny to see on someone's resume. "Squid cleaner."

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