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The Bachelor 6 - Episode 5 Summary

'Jayne's Addiction' By bdemoney
Original Airdate: October 27, 2004

Previously on the Bachelor....Byron got rid of Krysta (yeah!) and Elizabeth, Jane acted like a psycho and Chris claimed once again that it was the Most.Dramatic.Rose.Ceremony.Ever! We get previews for tonight's episode and for once it actualy does seem a bit dramatic, but am sure that is just due to some sort of fancy editing.

We start out with all the women gathered around the pool discussing Jayne's behavior the night before. They all feel she had fooled them by acting all shy and calm to then later reveal that her head does indeed detach and spin-in-circles if pissed off. Jayne tries to justify her actions and claims she was only to expressing the displeasure of all the women to Byron. The women feel differently, to say the least.

Next we see that Byron wants to spend some time with Cheresse. They go hang out on a big futon in the back yard. Cheresse explains she was upset by some of the actions at the slumber party. She says at first when she met all these beautiful women she couldn't imagine how they were all still single, yet know that she has gotten to know them she now understands why. (too true!) Byron asks if this applies to all the girls and Cheresse says no, only the pyscho ones. This of course makes Byron's cucumber grow so he decides to take this opportunity to make out with Cheresse. Personal aside-since Cheresse seems intellegent, level headed, and is the only girl I actually like......I will take this as a sign that she will not be the one Byron finally chooses.

We then see Byron spending alone time with Cynthia (Cindy). He explains that the first night he met her she asked about his intentions instead of trying to sell herself to him. He said that made her stand out from the rest of the desparately-just-trying-to-get-married girls. They are spending time on the beach and take time out from "connecting" long enough to see some dolphins jumping in the water. Needless to say this also makes Byron's cucumber grow so he decides to lock lips with Cindy. I see a trend you?

We cut back to Andrea who is at the house wondering about Byron and Cindy's date. Cindy then comes back "gushing" about her Jayne calls it. Guess anyone who is excited about a topic is "gushing" in Jayne's book. Cindy claims she has fallen for Byron and that the "game is on".

Coming up.......the women are tired of sharing Byron and Jayne is pushed "over the edge" (of what? and by whom? Must be one of the smarter girls.....I can't wait!).

We're back and Mary and Jayne walk outside to find two boxes. Mary's name was on one of the envelopes. She has a box of shoes and feel this must mean that there is a dress somewhere for her as well. The girls talk about Jayne being jealous and we hear Jayne actually admit that she is "furious" that Byron did not pick her for the date. The nerve of this guy actually dating other that is the concept of the show or something?!?!

Byron is looking forward to seeing Mary. When he picks her up psycho-stalker chick is upstairs giving both of them her best "may you die on the way to dinner look". Mary and Byron go to dinner where Mary says she wants to start at "ground zero". Mary also asks Byron about his first marriage. She somehow thinks that Byron having been married before and now appearing on a dating show is a sign that he has a "positive" attitude about marriage. She of course tells him that she does not want a divorce (no matter what an a** this guy turns out to be) and wishes to be married forever, like her parents.

We are then taken to the obligatory hot tub scene (which if not shown during a bachelor episode would lead to the downfall of the entire series I'm told) and as Mary and Byron "share something special" (no not Byron's cucumber......get your minds out of the gutter) we are again forced to watch Byron make out with someone.

Coming up.........Jayne becomes more crazy yet Byron still keeps falling for her. Jayne jumps ship and the women are worried she may hurt herself (now Then we'd have some of this drama Chris keeps telling us about.......)

We're back and another invitation is shown. Cynthia gets it and sees that it's for Jayne. Byron asks her to please join him on a ride into the sunset. The women are upset that he has choosen Jayne for an individual date. This lead to discussion of whether or not Jayne and Byron have developed a "connection". Jayne walks in while the girls are talking about her. She pretends not to care since she is so busy getting ready for her date with Byron.

Byron picks her up on a horse and they ride off together never to be seen again ...........whoops, I meant to say into the sunset. They go to a hillside and talk about Jayne's hang ups. (always a fun way to spend time on a date). She says she is not from a touchy-feely family (and that Dr. Phil says she exhibits 7 of the 10 signs of a serial killer).

They then go to a barn and see baby kittens. It is all very warm and cuddly. Jayne then says that she is shy and not a very agressive girl......Byron takes this for what it invitation to make out. So we are again treated to more sucking face than we have ever wanted to see.

When Jayne comes back from her date she does not want to say anything about it to the other girls and seems to to bed almost immediately. She hears one of the girls talking about her odd behavior and gets up suddenly from her bed. She and Cindy get into a fight about the fact that Cindy appeared to have fun on her date (hence actually smiling afterwards) while Jayne came home and wanted to be left alone. Jayne gets mad and storms out. She says it is hard living with so many girls who all talk about you behind your back....which I'm sure it is........but maybe you should think about that before you act like a complete nut-job around them.

Coming up......Jayne is missing and the women are freaking out. Chris also promises us the Most."Explosive".Rose. Ceremony.Ever. Geez, wonder how they were able to find a new adjective besides dramatic? Maybe someone finally spent a few bucks on a thesaurus?

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