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The Complex - Episode 4 Summary

'The Flintstones Go to Las Vegas' By StarryLuna
Original Airdate: September 17, 2004

Apparently, Mother Nature doesn’t like me writing recaps for Reality TV World. Once again, my reality tv viewing was interrupted by rotten weather, this time thanks to Ivan. Unfortunately, even Ivan wasn’t powerful enough to wash Rose off my tv screen. *sigh*

Last week on The Complex, Rose got her verticals and got rid of Kim and Carl. It was a good week for her.

Upper complex has a meeting and comments on how they have no other choice but to go for broke. Lower complex celebrates with a bottle of champagne and Brad and Lew talk about how their apartment has been #1 three weeks straight. Rose interviews that “Their room was #1 again. They act like they're gods or something.” Compared to you, honey? Oh, believe me, they are. Rose says she initially wanted to win for the money to help her kids and grandkids, but now she wants to win just to stuff it in their faces. Well, with her solid design scheme of vertical blinds in place, how can she lose?

Mail call! The next room is the living room. Total budget - $14,000. $11,000 in cash and a $3,000 Sears gift card. Brad and Lew also have the extra $2,000 for being the winning room of last week. Time – 5 days. Lower complex agrees on Ana as property manager and Steve will do the job for upper complex.

Brad and Lew are going to keep it simple this week and not focus on building a ton of stuff. Plus, they know that Scotty is upstairs designing his head off, trying to come up with something to outdo them. Indeed, Scotty is drawing an elaborate picture of an idea for Sam and talking about what he wants to do. Sam finally says “They’re just faux columns,” and basically tells him it’s a stupid idea.

In apartment #4, Ana says that she wants to keep the view of the ocean the central theme of the room (good call) and that the furniture should be white. Dave talks about doing something modern and Barney immediately jumps on the idea of doing a waterfall on the wall opposite from the ocean view. Yeah….because why look at the natural beauty of the ocean when you can look at a real live fake waterfall?! What a tool. Ana says she doesn’t like the waterfall, so Barney responds maturely by throwing his pencil on the table and Rose walks out. Rose and Barney then get in a fight about her walking out and the whole situation ends up with Barney throwing down his pencil again and saying “Do what yous want,” and Rose leaving saying “I’m outta here.” Promise? Can I get that in writing please?

Everyone starts ripping up old flooring, molding and the like. Excuse me, but didn’t they do this the first day? In lower complex, Dave says he doesn’t want to go shopping with Ana because she can’t make up her mind, so he and Barney go instead. They’re definitely the two I’d want picking out my furniture. Rose and Ana pull staples out of the floor. Eventually, the guys come back, bragging about the couch they picked out. Ana gets the hiccups (because that’s what she does when she sees ugly furniture) and asks if they store will take returns if she doesn’t like it. Rose and Barney tell her she’s going to have to deal with it because the decision is final.

In apartment #4, they lay the floor. As they finish, the very last board breaks. Somehow, Barney convinces Brad and Lew to pick up an extra board for them. When they guys get to the flooring store to buy the floor for their apartment, they get distracted by some cute kittens in the store and totally forget to get the extra board. Barney, of course, thinks this is a huge conspiracy against them so apartment #4 will lose. Yeah, because deliberately making your apartment lose so you can get rid of some competition isn’t a conspiracy at all.

Just over 24 hours to go, Steve basically throws Nicole out so she can buy some furniture. Brad and Lew finish laying the floor and painting the walls. Meanwhile, apartment #4 sits around on their balcony, bragging about how far ahead they are. Steve tells Sam she has to go shopping with Nicole.

Tyler pops his head in and asks Steve to round up all the contestants and gives them their 24 hour warning, then shakes things up a bit. He tells them that they have to switch apartments with their teammates and cannot work at all on their original apartments. So that means Steve and Nicole can only work on Sam and Scotty’s apartment and vice versa, and Dave, Ana, Barney and Rose can only work on Brad and Lew’s apartment and vice versa. Teams can act as advisors on their original apartments, but nothing else.

The first to complain, of course, are Rose and Barney. Rose says she’s pissed because they have to basically start from scratch and Barney whines that now he has to cut more molding. Brad and Lew comment on how this is basically another form of sabotage. They talk about how they have to abandon three projects for their apartment because there’s no way the other team could make them.

Upstairs, Sam and Nicole go power shopping to finish decorating their rooms. Sam basically chooses everything. Meanwhile, Scotty and Steve work on their apartments. Scotty says the shake-up isn’t that big a deal to them because they’d been working together since the first day anyway. Steve comments on how he can’t wait to see how Brad and Lew direct the “four clowns from apartment #1” in finishing their apartment. Steve apparently knows all of Brad and Lew’s plans because he talks about the desk-corner unit the guys were planning to build. Scotty says “They’re basically screwed.”

Barney does the bare minimum on Brad and Lew’s building projects, but Dave pitches in and says that he actually learned some stuff from them. Awww…Dave just moved back a spot on my jack@ss meter. (Barney and Rose are still steaming all ahead full.)

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