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The Amazing Race 5 - Episode 9 Summary

'Bald is Beautiful' By strid333
Original Airdate: August 31, 2004

Previously, Colin and Christy are dragged into a criminal dispute because of refusal to pay a cabbie. Pretty much everybody is arguing about money and how it should be spent and saved. And the twin girls came in last but weren’t eliminated so they ended up saying buy-buy (pun intended) to their money. Estee wrote a good summary and you should read it to get caught up.

Now we get the opening theme for the show. You know the theme. It isn’t as bad as the Big Brother theme but it isn’t Survivor. It would be cool if they actually re-recorded the theme every season to reflect the new season, but Emmy winning shows don’t need to do that, I guess.

After a commercial break which I’ll spare you the details of, we come back to recrapping. But this is subtle recrapping. It isn’t in black and white the way a certain show is like. What were they recrapping? They had to show the twins giving up their money and not getting any more. Meh.

Well, the new parts of this episode started now. Thank god. I don’t think I could take anymore recrap filler. I get enough of that from that other show. The teams (except the twins) get $55 and everybody has to go into the city, Dubai, to find the clue. The teams talk and say nothing. Chip and Kim thank SeeBS for the honeymoon that they never had the chance to get. (What they’re actually appreciative?) The Bowling Moms yip about how they aren’t much of a threat. Whatever. I guess they needed to get some filler for this show.

Anyway, off to the city the teams go. They have to go to a landmark, Wild Wadi, that doesn’t open right away, so of course, like any episode of TAR, we have the mandatory bunching. It turns out that is just a really big waterslide.

Oh, but remembering the non-elimination twist, we have to go back to those twins. They offered to sing songs and there were no takers. They then decided to use the sexual gifts that God gave them (I bet God was really proud). They offered massages (not going there – trying to play naïve here). Anyway, they managed to charm the pants off a cute guy (well, not literally – thank goodness). He gave them money and led them to the landmark. Gee, that was tough.

Back to the waterslide. They have to go down it. Brandon and Nicole are first and get the clue that says go to Kolkata. They are supposed to drive. Chip and Kim are next and being brilliant, they take a cab. The Bowling Moms are next and in their infinite wisdom leave on of their bags there – the one with the passports. Colin and Christy and the twins follow without much incidence.

With such ineptness becoming obvious, it seems like a good time for a commercial break. I disagree. For that reason, I won’t tell you about the commercials that I watch.

Anyway, Chip and Kim who are taking a cab to airport reread the clue and go back to the waterslide. And the Bowling Moms go back too because of the lack of a bag. The Bowling Moms find a cabbie and ask for help in the directions to the airport. He said that he was on the way there so the Bowling Moms decide to follow him. They get out and were going to give the cabbie a $5 tip just for being kind enough to lead them in the right direction. The cabbie, though, turned on his meter and said that the women owed him $41. In an overwhelming feeling of déjà vu (to last week’s episode) security gets involved and want to take them to the security office.

With the “drama” heightening, why not have another commercial break, eh? Because I said so.

So we are back to see if the Bowling Moms will handle the situation better than Colin and Christy. Well, $41 turned out to be only $15 US, so the moms paid and walked away. Remember, they were going to give $5 anyways so it was only $10 more than what they wanted.

Ok, so everybody is in the airport getting tickets. There isn’t much to note. Everybody but Chip and Kim got on the same flight. Chip and Kim’s flight was 10 min slower but they were hoping for the best. My bet, with the idiotic things that were already happening, I don’t think that Chip and Kim needed to worry that much.

So with the cute world map graphic, we land in Kolkata, India. They take orange cabs to the next clue in a brick factory. Of note, we discover (again) that Christy is the reasonable person and Colin is an @$$. As they drive through the slums of India, Colin said he loves seeing the human culture. Christy said that he shouldn’t make fun of them.

Before the teams hit the brick factory, they are given the choice to use the Yield (a still yet to be used twist) and the second (and last) Fast Forward. The Yield was explained to us for the second time this season (the first being the premier) and was not used by anybody. They might’ve mentioned this because it might be used next week or the week after. This is something to for the spoiler folks to stew over. Now for the Fast Forward, nobody really considers using it and everybody heads over to the brick factory.

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