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Celebrity Mole Hawaii - Episode 3 Summary

'The Corbin Show' By Jims02
Original Airdate: January 22, 2003

-The episode opens in the usual Mole way. A bunch of suspicious confessionals. Michael has no idea why he's still in the game. This is ABC's subtle way of making Michael into a human being.

-Next, the ABC editing department flexes its muscles and gives us some groovy graphics of the earth! HA! Take that, FOX football! They then cut to a shot of a sailboat, and then a picture of a man surfing. Off to Clues/Spoilers Forum for me...

Part One: "The Love Boat"

-The Molerons arrive on the beach and Ahmad tells them that they're about to play an impossible game. JOY! First, they have to split up into a group of 3 and a group of 2. Corbin and Little Erik volunteer to be the group of 2. Ahmad says that he needs a leader and someone who looks good on the beach. Corbin tells Little Erik that he looks real cute on the beach. Little Erik blushes and swoons.

-Ahmad plastically explains that they need to build a boat from a pile of junk from his garage. This boat needs to carry the entire team of 3 and Corbin. Then, the boatmen have to paddle the boat to a floating boat with a pile a money on it.

-Ahmad tells Little Erik that he gets to be Smoothie boy!!! Mmmmmmm... Smoothies... This scene can be viewed two ways:

For the ladies:

-Erik's working under the hot, sweaty sun with no shirt on, making nice, cold delicious smoothies... He turns to the camera and shyly asks if YOU would like one...

For the men:

-Erik makes his smoothies and delivers them to Frederique, who is jumping on a trampoline. Up and down, up and down...

-OK, those paragraphs were for free.

-The game starts. Evil Kathy compares Corbin to Jesus. Yeah, if Jesus was fat and obnoxious. Now, if I were a good spoiler, I would say that this is foreshadowing that Corbin will be executed, but I'm not a good spoiler, so let's move on!

-Evil Kathy's playing with a giant blue ball. What is this, a Britney Spears music video? As I said, let's move on!

-Little Erik's still on the hot, sweaty beach, making smoothies. He's got fruit, a blender, and a bunch of bananas. Ahmad comes over and tells Erik that he can get an exemption if he can paddle out (via kayak) and get the flag before the team does. But first, Erik has to finish with his banana and finish the smoothies. (Insert banana joke here)

-TWIST! Erik has to rent the boat for $15. And since Little Erik works for ABC, he doesn't have $15 and has to search on the hot, sweaty beach for quarters. He has to give these quarters to the "cabana boy" who is nobody other than... SHOCK! Stephen Baldwin.

-Stephen kind of smirks and makes some sort of stupid pun, acting like we really want him to be on the show right now. Yes, Stephen, we understand you were executed. Now go away, and we'll see you later tonight on Fear Factor.

-The players keep working on the boat and they ask Little Erik what he's doing. Erik says that he's trying to find stuff buried in the sand for their boat. Yeah, so they'll make their boat out of quarters... That makes a lot of sense. This kid's a regular Dorothy!

-Erik collects the $15 and easily beats the other team out to the money.

-TWIST #2! Ahmad tells Little Erik that he can trade in his exemption for $60,000. Erik takes the offer, saying that he is positive that he knows who the mole is and paddles away in his boat... I mean, kayak.

-Now to look at Evil Kathy's butt, as all men ages 18-34 turn off their TV. And you wonder why this show's been doing poorly.

-Corbin can't stop building the boat. Look, goofball, you lost. This ain't no hockey game. You can't just punch the ref to make yourself feel any better. You can, however, embarrass yourself by falling off the boat.

-Little Erik approaches them and tells them what Ahmad offered him. No, not the drugs, silly. The exemption. Everyone's mad because he took it. Everyone's mad because he gave it back.

-So, everyone's mad. Except for Corbin. Corbin just can't stop thinking about Little Erik.

-Corbin goes over to Little Erik and says they need to have a "little conference." Little Erik blushes and swoons.

"Why, I've always depended on the kindness of strangers..."

-Suddenly, out of nowhere, GeorgiaBelle runs by the camera, screaming "HE STOLE MY BIT!"


-Corbin and Little Erik sit on the hot, steamy beach and admire the sunset, er... I mean noontime scorching, and they gossip about Boatman and the TV show Arli$$. Corbin says that's a clue. Corbin's definitely the sharpest crayon in the box, huh? The two depart and Corbin goes back to working on his clue... I mean the boat.

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