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Celebrity Mole Hawaii - Episode 1 Summary

'Eeny Meeny Minny Mole' By survivorscott
Original Airdate: January 8, 2003

<sung to the tune of the Flintstones theme>
Players, meet the Players for the Mole version in Ha-Wa-Ii
They are there with Ahmad and they are all ce-le-bri-ties
They will compete to see who is the Mole
I hope this concept doesn't get old
I will watch it and hope to have a good time
I want Anderson back time
We'll have a molerific old time

Lets meet the cast:
Frederique-Super Model of the world
Stephen- he played Barney Rubble in Viva Rock Vegas
Erik- he was one of the stars of Dinotopia
Kathy- a little red headed femal like Pebbles
Corbin- a muscled brained guy like Bam-Bam
Kim- a woman who gigles a lot like Betty
Michael- a blad head man like Mr. Slate
and last but not least Ahmahd- the person who makes things happen like The Great Gazoo

We start out with The Great Gazoo introducing everyone. I did notce this time around they didn't mention looking for the hidden clue. No hidden clue? What kind of crud is this? We then see everyone get out of a helicopter and get leid, whoo hoo sign me up for the next Mole. Barney wears a flower in his left ear { he must be the Mole then}. In Hawaii that means he is taken sorry girls. Gazoo divides the group into the Strong group ( Betty, Bam-Bam, Dino, and Pepples) and the group that just wants to hang around (Fred, Barney, Mr. Slate) Gazoo explains that the ones that want to just hang out, will be suspended over a waterfall, while the strong ones lift, themaround the waterfall on a crane to fill buckets and then put the water in another bin to lift a money bag. At this point Pebbles said "I thought they were going to be 1/2 fakey celebrity contests."

First on the line is Barney. After about 3 minute and 46 seconds they accomplish the task.As an added bonus Barney is cut some and starts to bleed. Gazoo then tells them that Fred has to beat his time to get more money. She does not {she is the Mole}. Then it is Mr. Slate's turn. he does it in 2 minutes and 22 seconds. More money for the pot. It now stands at $20,000. Gazoo then hands out their journals:
1.)Mr Slate
4.)Pepples (?)
5.)Bam-Bam -based on it being written in Kathy's journal
6.)Fred (?)
We then are treated to peoples appraisals of the other players.
Dino is getting a reputation of being the quiet one.

Then it come time for the most embarassing moment discussion. Sniff Sniff I smell a future quiz question. Fred talks about cutting one in front of her class. Barney talks about how he "convinced a date" to do a little something extra for him at the end of the date. I actualy think it was a hooker but thats me. He then says his sister Jane or was it Alec dressed in drag, saw him and came out and beat him up in front of his "date" while he was getting high fives from his brothers. Pebbles then says her most embarassing moment was being the said "date". Actually it was a funny moment.

When we get back from commercial we see the players coming over a beautiful grassy hill, all peaceful like, while they are all wearing ugly matching hawaiian shirts. It is like a bad touring company of The Sound of Music, and they are the Von Trap Family Singers. Wait a minute.. Dino's last name starts with "Von" {he is the Mole}

When they get to the bottom the see Gazoo in a cowboy hat (a brother in a coboy hat? the only one who can pull that off is that guy for the Dallas Cowboys, does he even exist anymore?)

We are about to play Baa Baa Blackjack. Gazoo tells everyone to team up with someone and there will be one person left out. The teams are 1.)Bam-Bam and Betty 2.)Pebbles and Mr. Slate 3.)Dino and Fred. Barney is left out. The game is simple, each team must wrangle enough sheep with diffrent card denominations on there back to beat a blackjack hand drawn by Gazoo. They have 3 minutes.The score to beat is 13. Come on, big money no Whammies.

A lot of falling down and running into things later, Dino and Fred are able to get a score of 17. $5000 added to the pot. Bam-Bam and Betty get a score of 10 after Betty accidently lets a queen loose from their bin {she is the Mole}. Mr. Slate and Pebbles get nothing {they are both the Mole}.On the plus side, Bam-Bam gets cut and starts to bleed. This is Now the Bloodiest Mole ever. Gazoo then ofers Dino and Fred a chance to add $10,000 more to the pot by beating him again. Gazoo's score is 11. Dino and Fred get 18 and add $10,000 more to the pot. Bam-Bam said he enjoyed watching Hansel and Gretel chase sheep. Was it me or was Dino real comfortable wrangling sheep from behind?

Gazoo then offers Baney a chance to double the pot and to earn an exemption by wrangling the Mole Sheep or the black sheep of the group. He says he knew if he didn't do it, people would think he is the mole and if "I do do it" (tee hee, he said doo doo) I could still be the Mole. He does it and adds $15,000 to the pot and gets an exemption.

On the way back everyone is in two vans and the discussion turns to who everyone thinks is the mole. We get Barney's telling us that Pepples came up to him at the beginning and told him to come to her room. We are still not sure what all of that was about. It does seem that the only thing Barney wrote in his journal is There are no Rules.

Dinner Time and then the quiz. Unfortunately no one freak Gazoo out with a magic trick and he didn't punch anyone .

Quiz Time:
1.)Is the Mole Male or Female?
2.)What color lei was the mole given when they departed the helicopter?
3.)What was the last sucessful thing the Mole was in?
4.)How many Oscars has the Mole won? (both three and four are trick question because they haven't been sucessful)
5.)If the Mole was a cheese what kind would they be?
6.)The Mole went to school in a Big Bus or a little Bus?
7.)Anderson is a much better host than Gazoo, Why?
8.)How will you get your pride back after being on Celebrity Mole Hawaii?
9.)Moles live underground. Where do you live?
10.)Who is the Mole?

Everyone walks into the room where we see their Mole Bags. No tape, so who do we pick as the mole? By the way how long before the bags and journals show up on Ebay for Charity?. Betty is the one lucky enough to be executed first and gets to enjoy the rest of her Hawaiian Vacation while the others still have to play the game.

Next week we have punching and bickering and mud slinging. or as Pepples like to say"The Gtriffin Family Christmas"

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