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Hell's Kitchen 3 - Episode 10 Summary

'The Almost Finale' By Cyndimaus
Original Airdate: August 6, 2007

Our almost-finale begins with the swelling of majestic music as we are told about Hell’s Kitchen and shown the two previous winners, Michael and Heather, working in their restaurants.

We are then “treated” to a recap of this third season of Hell’s Kitchen. The whole season. We see challenges and dinner services. We see who has been yelled at. We see who is sent home.

Blah, blah, blah…Tiffany goes home.
Blah, blah, blah…Eddie goes home.
Blah, blah, blah…Aaron finally succumbs.
Blah, blah, blah…Joanna goes home.
Blah, blah, blah…Vinnie goes home.
Blah, blah, blah…Melissa is given a reprieve.
Blah, blah, blah…Melissa goes home.
Blah, blah, blah…Brad goes home.
Blah, blah, blah…Josh is kicked out.
Blah, blah, blah…Julia goes home.
Blah, blah, blah…Jen goes home.

Who will prove they have what it takes to win Hell’s Kitchen? We sure won’t find out tonight.

We see the typical confident confessionals from Bonnie and Rock, our final two.

And now, the continuation of Hell’s Kitchen:

When last we left our finalists they had been treated to family visits. Bonnie hugs her parents. Rock hugs his wife and wonders if he’s allowed a conjugal visit. Then the room divider drops. I’m not sure why they looked surprised at this, since this is what happens at this point in each season, but they both looked shocked.

Rock will have the blue kitchen. Bonnie will have the red kitchen.

Bonnie tells us that winning has the power to change her whole life. Thank you for telling us this information. We were unaware that going from a nanny to running a restaurant would alter your life in any way.

We are treated to Rock’s kids arriving. They are totally cute and Rock is thrilled to see them. He’s had pictures of them with him for the entire competition. He calls them his little soldier and little princess.

Everyone stop and say, “awwwww.”

We continue.

Bonnie’s mom tells her that everyone is so proud of her.

Chef then tells them goodnight, reminding them (as if they didn’t know) that they have a lot to be thinking about.

Rock asks hopefully if his wife is allowed in the dorms and Chef laughingly tells him no.sorry,this isn’t Big Brother. No romping under the blankets in full view of the cameras.)

Chef finally sends our finalists off to the dorms to rest and plan. But Bonnie and Rock plan to celebrate first. They “chat” with each other, posturing. Both of them, of course, are going to win.

In a combination of confessionals and talking to Rock, Bonnie says that she slides under the radar, underestimated by everyone.

Rock admits that Bonnie is dangerous.

Next morning Rock and Bonnie set about the task of transforming their halves of Hell’s Kitchen into their own restaurants. They have 36 hours.

Bonnie exults that it’s like being given a life-size dollhouse and a charge card. Yup, just want we want to hear from someone who wants to run her own restaurant.

Both meet separately with the designer.

Bonnie wants a European, slightly romantic feel to her restaurant. She wants things mismatched with lots of colors and no booths.

Rock wants a comfortable atmosphere. He wants conformity, black and white as the main colors and booths.

Well, we’ll definitely be able to tell the two sides apart.

They then meet with Jean Phillipe about the clothing for the wait staff.

Bonnie wants everyone in all black with the women wearing form-fitting pants.

Rock first suggests blue jeans and receives a snobby, rather horrified look from Jean Phillipe. He is informed that no one wears blue jeans. So Rock passes on the jeans. (whew, close call there. We can take the paramedics off stand-by now)

Bonnie meets with Marianne about her menu and is quite confident. She thinks it would be cute to do a mini-grilled cheese sandwich with a tiny tomato soup. We must be sticking with the dollhouse theme.

Rock meets with Scott and seems very unsure about his menu. He struggles with ideas.

Chef interrupts the planning, telling them there is other important business to tend to. They banter a bit about changing the look of Hell’s Kitchen. Bonnie tells him, “it’s not your restaurant anymore.”

Chef informs them they’ll be going to Las Vegas. Bonnie is shocked. “Seriously?” she asks. No silly, why on earth would you go to Vegas to see the restaurant you might be working in? (I keep hearing Mia from Princess Diaries exclaiming, “Shut up!”) Bonnie also says that Vegas represents her future home.

Rock and Bonnie go to the dorms to change clothes and primp. They then board the private Hell’s Kitchen jet and after appropriate oohing and ahhing they settle down for the flight.

We get to sit in on the small talk.

Chef asks Rock why he got so upset after losing the challenge awhile back. (the one where the girls got to go on the photo shoot and Rock got to go through garbage) We see a clip of his ranting, which he claims was NOT a hissy fit.

Chef reminds Bonnie she couldn’t fry an egg during the first dinner service. We see a clip of this joyful event.

He asks Bonnie what she has that he hasn’t seen yet.

Rock tells Chef that he’s played the game from the start and Chef wants to know why Brad left before Josh. Rock has played an amazing game of chess.

Chef asks who will win. Rock smilingly says, “may the best man win.” and is gently chided by Chef. (cue dirty look from Bonnie)

From the limo Rock and Bonnie spot the sign proclaiming their DAWness (although not by name). In their hotel suite they see a plasma screen proclaiming their DAWness. They are thrilled (especially Bonnie).

Rock and Bonnie are looking forward to a quiet evening. Chef plays on this, telling them they are going to relax and have a drink in the VIP lounge as he leads them to a door.

We go to commercial.

Upon returning from the commercial we, the viewers, are not all shocked when Rock and Bonnie walk through the door to find a cheering crowd. Bonnie tells us it feels like a surprise party.

Chef informs them that, of course, they are not here for the party but for a challenge. They have 30 minutes to create their signature dish, which will be judged by seven of the best chefs in Vegas.

The crowd watches on large screens as Rock and Bonnie busy themselves in the kitchens. Bonnie is making shrimp and lobster fettuccine. Rock is making fried chicken and crab cakes (surf and turf, he calls it).

They bring their dishes back to the stage and the judges come out one by one to taste and proclaim their favorite. Throughout the tasting the crowd frequently chants, "Rock! Rock!" Bonnie is surpised that they like Rock and not her.

Sean Griffin votes for Bonnie, saying the shrimp is perfect.

Gerald Chin votes for Rock, saying it is very unique.

Anthony Carron votes for Bonnie.

Robin Leach votes for Bonnie. (“I’m yelling and I don’t know why!”)

Michael, season 1 HK winner, votes for Rock.

Heather, season 2 HK winner votes for Rock.

Surprise! It’s a tie!

Next out are Chris Farnow and Bob Finch, from the Green Valley Ranch. They taste both dishes and they each like a different one. But they only have one vote between them. They have the commercial break to come to an agreement.

After the commercial they cast their vote for *dramatic pause* Bonnie. She tells us it’s a confidence boost for her. Rock tells us he’d rather win the service than the challenge. (good attitude, Rock)

Chef takes Rock and Bonnie up to the roof where they admire the view of a lit-up, night-time Vegas. They toast to each other and Chef tells them, “well done”. He then invites them to New York City to eat at the chef’s table in his restaurant plus spend a few days in the Big Apple.

Back to Hell’s Kitchen. They have 20 hours left before the doors open. Rock and Bonnie share their final meal together. We have more posturing.

Rock says this is the biggest moment in his career and it feels like he’s already won. Bonnie thinks Rock is trying to shake her up and use physiological warfare on her. She says it’s anyone’s game. She also makes the comment that it’s the Last Supper, wondering who is Jesus and who is Judas. (I’m sure that analogy makes sense in her little blond brain)

Next morning, with 11 hours to go until the doors open, the last 6 eliminated cooks come back into the dorms with gift baskets.

Rock is glad to see everyone. Josh wants Rock to win and is surprised that it’s Bonnie and Rock in the final two. Jen, of course, wants Bonnie to win. Julia spends her time crying in the living room and bathroom. The others seem concerned. Rock observes that she isn’t sulking but is just upset.

He’s right. She tells us she’s upset she didn’t win. Bonnie tells us that Julia thought she’d be in the final two.

Chef calls, interrupting Julia’s cry fest, and asks everyone to come down to the kitchen. Julia has obvious signs of tears and Chef asks if she’s okay. She says that the high point of HK for her was the whole thing and that the low point is right now.

We see little snippets of each the six eliminated cooks as Chef greets them.

Chef then informs Bonnie that she chooses first since she won the challenge in Vegas.

I am sure you fell over with shock, as I did, when Bonnie picked Jen.

We go through the whole process and end up with (gasp!) Bonnie with all the girls and Rock with all the guys. (I was really hoping Rock would pick Julia but her emotions messed that up)

Julia informs us that, although she is cooking for Bonnie, she wants Rock to win.

Chef sends everyone off to the dorms to get familiar with the menu as Bonnie informs us that the girls have the advantage over the guys since they always won.

And next time we’ll have the real finale.

It’s Rock versus Bonnie. (in case you didn’t know)

It’s a battle of the sexes. (in case you didn’t know)

Hell’s Bitches are back. (aren’t we excited?)

It’s the closest finish ever. (probably the most shocking too, since we’re told that every week)

Tune in. You don’t want to have watched the whole season only to miss out on the very last episode. That would be silly.

And you don’t want to be silly, do you?

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