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Big Brother 8 - Episode 4 Summary

'We've Only Just Begun? Oh Brother!' By vince3
Original Airdate: July 12, 2007

Previously on BB8, the hamsters moved into the cage only to find that 3 of the first 11 to enter had 3 “ghosts of the past” waiting for them inside the house: The father of the 20-year old daughter, the former boyfriend of the over-the-top gay guy, and the frienemy of a girl who is shallow (Carol, in case you were wondering “which shallow girl?”). After Kail won the HoH competition, she formed the Mrs. Robinson alliance of her and 3 of the hunky guys in the house with the intention of taking it all the way to the Final Four (good luck with that….) At the nomination ceremony, the Mrs. Robinson alliance targeted the two people in the house that might not retaliate if they survive: Amber, a single-mother who appears to be a Bible thumper (but the peeps on the feeds say she’s completely the opposite, hmmmmm.) and Carol, one of the frienemies (the three “ghosts of the past”, because they were hidden in the HoH room during the HoH competition were granted immunity for the first week…). Meanwhile, Jen got caught in a “he kissed me” lie and Amber tried to rally the cage against her. Eric, America’s Hamster, used some contact lens solution to help complete his first task: “tell a sob story to the hamster America choose” which happened to be Kail. After the Hide-and-Seek Veto Competition, all eyes were on Danielle, who chose not to use the Veto. Also tonight we find out who America voted to evict for Eric’s vote.

The Chenbot welcomes us to day 13 in the cage, and starts to review the status of the Enemies twist: father Dicque and daughter Danielle aren’t speaking to each other, much. The ex-boyfriends are trying to be civil, but for how long? And on the frienemies front: Jessica is polite to Carol’s face, but she’s very happy to see Carol on the chopping block.

But First, the supposedly non-wave making nominations have caused a minor maelstrom in the form of the hamsters singing “Who should stay and who should go” over and over and over, until Big Brother shuts them up, anyways…… We now get a montage of the hamsters in the Diary Room talking about the nominees and the nominees’ thoughts about their chances of staying in the house for the week… It seems that most of the hamsters are more trustworthy with Amber than Carol, and Carol’s not exactly sure about who is on her side……. Or how to get the hamsters swinging the vote her way….. Or even getting the hamsters to like her beyond the 10 seconds it takes to get away from her after any conversation with her is over…… Here’s a clear indication of how bad it could be for Carol: While Kail and two of her alliance-mates are in the HoH room figuring out who to vote for, Carol comes in wearing apparently just a towel (not that I mind, TYVM), and the two boys leave Kail alone with her! I figure Carol might have either come up to the HoH room to beg for a swinging of votes her way after the shower, or come up to beg for the swinging of votes before taking a private bath/shower in the HoH’s private bathroom….. Either way, I don’t think it worked.

Great, time to talk to hamsters, and the volume isn’t working off the bat. Not a good sign. Another bad sign? The Chenbot decides to interview Jen first and gets less than usual for a response because she wasn’t prepared to answer questions…. She then goes to Eric (America’s Hamster) and asks him if it was hard making a choice. Eric claims the decision on who he voted for wasn’t easy (Yeah, right, it was America’s Choice!). Then, on to Jessica and Carol who seemed to have buried the hatchet (funny, I don’t see anything sticking out of their backs…..) Jessica figures that if Carol goes it won’t be her fault because she didn’t actively campaign for her to go. Carol’s trying to treat Jessica as just another hamster because Jessica seems so much different than the person in High School that was her enemy….. (yeah, right, sure). On to Dicque, who’s thinking it hasn’t been so bad, while Danielle think it’s awkward dealing with the problem. Now to Joe and Dustin, who has some tension still between them…… *eyeroll*

We will get some backstory about the Dicque/Danielle feud from their family members. We now get a small glimpse of some of the hamsters’ thoughts before their eviction vote, but we don’t get told who voted for who…… The only problem with these is that without hearing the words “I vote to evict” whoever, the thoughts are inconclusive because they are pretty much asked about both candidates…….

To summarize the backstory about why they’re not so close right now: Dicque let Danielle borrow some money that she couldn’t pay back and he didn’t handle the situation too well………. Since then, they’ve barely talked. Dicque hopes that not only does he win the $500k that comes with winning it all but also he mends his relationship with Danielle.

Time for the HoH interview. Why did she choose three men for her alliance? Wasn’t her plan, but since the women seemed to be much different in age to her, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Now we get to see how Eric’s family and friends have reacted to him being America’s Hamster. But first more of the hamsters’ thoughts before voting for eviction. (See above…)

Apparently, Eric knew before he entered the cage that he would be America’s Hamster. Neither his family or friends had any clue that he was given this honor/curse to be almost completely controlled by the whims of America’s Choice polls. We now go to New York City to see the family and friends watch the premiere episode last week to see their reaction to the revelation. Apparently he’s a HUGE Big Brother fan and can rattle off facts and figures about the other seasons at a moment’s notice. Now we go to the announcement of America’s Hamster. Naturally, Eric’s crew is hoping he’s not the one because that would throw any and all plans he had out the window. And when Eric’s revealed? They realize he’s potentially screwed. They’re hopeful that America will give him good advice and won’t screw him over too much. Remember: for every 5 successful tasks, Eric will get $10k…… Now, it’s time to reveal who America voted for Eric to evict…. Carol!

We have now come to the point where the results of the eviction vote But First we get to hear a small speech from those nominated…. *yawn* By a vote of 10-1 Carol is evicted from the cage. While the rest of the hamsters get ready for the next HoH competition in the Deluxe Isolation Booths of Doom, Carol is sentenced to an interview with the Chenbot, who shows her some footage that has Jessica’s hope that Carol is long gone before her, as well as talking bad about her behind Carol’s back which makes Carol more willing to admit that they’re not exactly gonna ever be friends again. Now we get to see the “in case of eviction” diary room notes from the remaining hamsters, which is mostly encouraging stuff…..

It’s now time to head out to the yard and the Deluxe Isolation Booths of Doom for the HoH competition “Majority Rules” in which after the Chenbot asks a question (about the hamsters) in which the answer that the majority of the hamsters choose is the correct one. Answer with the majority, you advance. Answer with the minority, you’re eliminated. In case of the answer being split down the middle, the question gets tossed out and everyone is safe. The last player remaining will be the new HoH. (We’re guaranteed some kind of tiebreaker question on this one, because the smallest possible number for there to be a majority/minority is 3, and then the two in the majority will either agree or split from then on creating a need for a tiebreaker…..)

Question 1: In the “Butter Me Up” Food Competition, who does the majority of the cage say they’d rather rub the butter off of: A. Danielle or B. Jen Majority answer: Danielle, so Zach is eliminated.

2: Who does the majority of the cage say that they’d NOT let their little sister go out on a date with: A. Nick or B. Mike Majority answer: Nick, so Dicque, Danielle, and Nick are eliminated.

3: Who does the majority of the cage say would cheat on a significant other : A. Joe or B. Dustin Majority answer: Joe *snerk*, nobody get eliminated because everyone chose Joe!

(I’m getting tired of typing: “does the majority of the cage say” so please insert them in the remaining questions if you will, okay?)

4: Who would hold a grudge the longest: A. Dicque or B. Danielle (they’re picking on the twist pairs, ain’t they? I imagine there was a planned question for Carol and Jessica that just might’ve been dropped and replaced with a question involving Amber coming up soon…..) Majority answer: Danielle, so Jameka is eliminated.

5: Who would be the best person to cheer them up if they were depressed: A. Eric or B. Jessica Majority Answer: Eric, so Amber is eliminated.

6: Who is the most likely to turn the $500k grand prize into $5 million: A. Kail or B. Zach Majority answer: Zach, so Jessica and Mike are eliminated (I get the feeling that Kail had a non-plussed reaction to that answer since she owns multiple businesses…..)

7: Who would help an old lady across the street: A. Jameka or B. Amber Majority answer: Even split, so we go to the Tiebreaker question

Tiebreaker question: The hamster who comes the closest without going over will win HoH. However, if everyone goes over, then the hamster who is least over will win. How many gallons does the spinning teacup in the backyard hold? Since there is a big hole to allow people in, the correct answer is only 9 gallons. The answers the hamsters had were: Dustin with 200, Eric with 220, Jen with 41, and Joe with 136. Jen wins the HoH!

What’s ahead for the house since Jen is now the HoH? *shudder*

America’s Hamster assignment 3 is for Eric to try to convince Jen to put who America chooses up for eviction. Who will that be and will he succeed? Tune in on Sunday to find out………..

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