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Big Brother 8 - Episode 3 Summary

'Jentreme Hide and Seek' By oasisfan1994
Original Airdate: July 10, 2007

Well I will apologize now if I say the incorrect name as im still trying to get used to all the hamstard's names. As always, the show opens with a boring recap of the last episode, just in case your a noob and have never watched the show before.

Show opens with Amber in the DR crying and playing the "I have a kid" card like that's a reason to not nominate someone. Just being in the house is a reason to nominate someone but whatever. and we also get to hear the allmight annoying voice of Jessica in the DR loving every minute that Carol is nominated.

Carol is in the bedroom with Zach asking him for help to stay in the house. He says he will agree to help her if she is willing to fight for it and she says yes.

Kail and Dicktard are talking that he has a son and that they get along great unlike him and Daniele. Whats with the parent thing, does that actually work?

They camera starts showing shots of Nick working out (wish I was there to see that) and all the girls and gays are sitting around loving every minute of it wishing they were the sweat on his body. Then Jentard makes a comment that she doesn't like muscles. ( what a dumba$$)

Nick in the DR saying that he likes Daniele the most and Amber 2nd. He things Amber is a dirty girl and like to just hang with Jen cause he is comfortable around her.

a few are sitting around in the kitchen and Jen starts talking ( like does she ever stop?) about that Nick tried to kiss her and she denied him. Joe then runs off and tells Nick what Jentard just said and he comes out to comfront her about her lie. he told her that she is fuJen then asks Nick to the storage room for a private conversation and he agrees. She tells Nick that she is jealous of the way he is with Daniele and asks him to forgive her. He tells her yes just to shut her up and they leave.

Nick then goes out to the backyard and tells everyone what Jentard said. They all laugh and start making fun of her and how much they all hate her and make fun of all the shirts she had made with her name on them. ie: Jenious, Jenth Degree ( i agree they are the dumbest things anyone has ever brought into the house).

Amber then has a conversation with kail about putting Jen up in carol's place if she gets taken off after the veto.

Kail said to one of the guys ( didnt see what one sorry) Says that she wants Carol gone because she things she will hold this nomination against her and carry a grudge and doesn't think that Amber will.

the players will choose balls to find out who all gets to play.
kail picks HG choice and chooses Daniele
Amber picks Jameka (does this girl get any air time?)
carol picks Nick
and Kail chooses the all mighty annoying Jessica to host. (grabs ear plugs)

the remaining HG had to go wait in the HOH room. Each player had to hide a veto box in the house and the 1 veto box not found will deterine the winner

Daniele- hides hers in the pot of slop
carol- between Dicktards mattress
Amber-in a pillow case
Nick- under a bed
Kail- in the box of tea bags
Jameka- in her bag of hair extensions

meanwhile in the HOH room Dicktard is ripping into Jentard about her being rude to him the first few days in the house and Jen is totally clueless (surprised?Not) saying she doesn't understand why he thinks that.

back to the competition the HG have totally destoyed the house they have 1 min to find a veto box.
daniele finds nothing
carol finds Amber's
kail finds Nick's
jameka finds Carol's
Nick finds Jameka's
Daniele finds kails

WINNER IS DANIELE her veto box was not found.

Amber talks to Daniele about getting Jen out and saving either her or Carol.
Eric gets his America's choice of having to tell a story to Kail about something sad from his past so he asks to talk to her in private in HOH room. he put visine in his eyes to make himself look sad (nice job). He tells her this story about an ex girlfriend that had a eating disorder and how hard it was for him to watch her go down and that Daniele reminds him of her.

Joe and Dustin have a moment where Dustin apologizes to Joe for taking him and his family for granted and knws how important family is to Joe and that he wasn't more supportive of it during thier relationship.

the nominies plea as usual and as usual Daniele didn't use it. what a shocker, NOT

America's choice is we get to choose who Eric will vote out and thats all folks.

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