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America's Next Top Model 7 - Episode 12 Summary

'Battle Of The Leg Walkers' By Belinda Trotter-James
Original Airdate: December 6, 2006

It's down to M.C. E… Melrose, Caridee or Eugena.  Who will win the title of America's Next Top…? Oh who am I kidding?  By the time you read this you will already know the answer.  So, just for the fun of it let me take you through my recap of the finale.

The judges are down to the final three question mark contestants because they still are confused as to who has the natural talent to succeed in this business.  Eugena has been in the bottom two at least twice and the judges still don't know if she really has the passion to be a top model.  They have been asking her that question for eight weeks.  Her eyes tell the story in every photo.  It's a big blank DUH!  It was not until the seventh week that she showed some signs of life through her eyes.

In Melrose the judges cannot determine whether her love for this business is genuine or fake.  She knows the business and has stepped up to the plate every time.  However, the judges feel she does not know how to turn off the charm.  Every bit of advice given to Melrose has been taken and exaggerated.  That's what she should do however; the judges fault her for trying to be too perfect.  In her defense, Mr. Jay said she knows the business and does what we ask and she is being penalized for it.  Maybe when the judges look at Melrose, they are looking into a mirror where everything appears to be fake.  They also said that the other girls did not get along with her at all.  Well, this is a competition and as long as the staff and assistants did not say that about Melrose let the other girls say whatever they want.  They wish they had the confidence that Melrose has shown throughout the competition.

Caridee has been consistently producing great photos however, when she got too comfortable with Nigel and disrespected him in front of everyone at the bull shoot, they had second thoughts about her character.  The judges cannot figure out if she is stable enough mentally to absorb the harsh realities of the industry.

These are the three choices out of hundreds and hundreds of girls who applied to be on the show.  Hmmmmm.

The next day Mr. Jay announced that the girls would be shooting a Cover Girl commercial and the winner would have their commercial shown nationally.  The current top model winner, Danielle made an appearance on the show to help the girls get through the Cover Girl commercial.  Sheesh, we have not seen Danielle since… hmmm… last year when she won the title.  Her commercials were only shown… hmmm.... during this season's shows.  Wow, time flies.  Anyway, her agency decided to change her name to Dani.  (If I spelled it wrong, please do not write me.  I don't care what they change her name to or how they spell it just get her some work, sheesh.)

At the commercial shoot the girls looked great.  Caridee was a little nervous and kept flubbing her lines.  Eugena was still flat and boring during her takes and Melrose is the ultimate perfectionist who kept getting upset every time she messed up.  They needed her to bring real energy instead of fake energy.  Melrose was upset because she could not remember her lines.  She started crying while getting her hair styled for the photo shoot.  The hairstylist tried to console her but it did not work.  She cried last week when she did not do the Flamenco dance well enough to win and now this.  But when it comes to revealing her inner self, Melrose cannot shed one real, wet tear.  All along the judges have been telling Melrose to let go and stop thinking so much.

Did you notice that the show spent more than enough time showing Caridee and Melrose photo session and only about five seconds of Eugena…hmmm?

At the judging elimination ceremony the judges loved Melrose in the commercial but hated her photo.  They could not figure out if it was nerves or just a bad beauty shot.  Eugena, on the other hand, landed the photo and after all these weeks, showed personality in her commercial.  Caridee had the best photos and did a good job in her commercial.  The bottom two girls were Melrose and Eugena.  The judges did not think Eugena wanted to be a model as bad as Caridee or Melrose.  Therefore, Eugena was sent back to the room to pack her things and go home.  As she hugged Caridee goodbye, Caridee whispered in her ear, "I'll bring it home for you."  In her exit statement Eugena said, "I wish that my performance counted for more than my personality."  Now we have the battle of the blonde walkers.

The next shoot was for the cover of Seventeen magazine.  Both girls did well and the winner will be on the cover.  The next scene was with Tyra and Dr. Michelle who does a lot of counseling on the Tyra Banks show.  She met with the girls' one on one to ask them how they were doing and if they would be able to handle the stress of being a top model.  Caridee cried a little and Melrose had a big smile and just took a deep breath of excitement for being one of the final contestants.

The final runway walk took place in what looked like a long, long cave.  The theme of the fashion show would be Ghost Brides.  This show was all about drama, screaming and pretending to be frightened.  Danielle (Oops... I mean, Dani) opened the show and looked great.  Melrose looked like a professional and walked like a pro.  Caridee looked a little stiff.  She was all theatrics and did not make it a priority to show off the dress.  When the girls came out for the second time, they had to stop and look at each other.  As Caridee walked away, she stepped on Melrose's dress and it ripped a big hole in the fabric.  Melrose almost flipped out on the runway.  Her facial expression fit right into the show.   When she came off stage, she started crying hysterically.  "She stepped on the dress and ripped it," cried Melrose.  Mr. Jay had to run over and tell Melrose to calm down.  Then we see Ms. Jay leave Tyra's side and the next thing we know, he was in a black wedding gown floating down the cave way in all his glory and theatrics.   He was fabulous but… go ahead Dalia… take it away….

DALIA:  Why was he in the show?  What was the purpose?  Is it just me?  Why does it feel like the judges wanted to be the stars this season?  Remember, Tyra's photos were all over the house and even in the limo.  Nigel had a hissy fit this season when Caridee made an off key comment.   And why is Tyra cross promoting her talk show with the top model show?  What was the purpose of having Dr. Michelle on the show?  I'll tell you why… there was none. The therapy session was not necessary.  Tyra knows the talk show is on its last leg. 

BELINDA:  Well, we shall see.  In the end Caridee had more good photos than Melrose.  Caridee did so terrible in the runway show that Tyra said she would not be able to book another show with her walk.  However, her Cover Girl beauty shot was beautiful.  On the other hand Melrose rocked the runway show but her beauty shot was mediocre.  The Judges say that Melrose does not have the "wow" factor.  They wonder is she real or is she fake.  However, she does know her fashion.  Caridee has a natural talent and she really wants to be a model.  However, is she a loose canon or just unpredictable?  Both have amazing strengths and weaknesses.  Caridee starts to cry and tells the judges how much she wants this.  Her sincerity was bursting at the seams.  Then we look at Melrose who has a Kool-aide smile and says, "Don't make me cry."  There was not one tear to be seen on her face.  This is the time when crying counts and not when someone steps on your dress during a show.  After all was said and done, your new America's Next Top Model Winner is…. Caridee.  Congratulations to our new top model.

DALIA:  It came down to the tears.  The judges never saw the real Melrose.  People saw the fakeness.  The only thing Melrose could produce was crocodile tears.  That's what my grandmother used to say...  "Girl, wipe away those crocodile tears."  That means you were being fake.  Melrose must learn how to turn on and off the model mode.  She was overly prepared.  That's why she lost the competition.  I hope this winner gets work because I never saw Nicole, (I think she was the fifth ANTM winner) get any work.  In the opening montage all the winners are featured except Adrienne, the first ANTM winner.   No matter what differences or opinions Tyra may have about what her winners do after the show, no one can take away the fact that Adrienne is the first America's Next Top Model.  Tyra may also hate Janice Dickinson but she did help add flavor to the show.  The show is a little flat with Twiggy.  I was hoping Ms. Jay would add  a little flavor, but he/she is also a disappointment.  Nigel needs to leave the show because he is not being critical any more, he is just being nasty.  Okay… I'm done.

This has been an interesting season and we loved every moment.  Have a happy holiday season and thank you all for your emails.  You may keep in touch about any questions on the modeling industry by emailing us at  See you next time.

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