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America's Next Top Model 7 - Episode 11 Summary

'Frozen Ice Sickles' By Belinda Trotter-James
Original Airdate: November 29, 2006

If you thought some of the stunts on this show were ridiculous and dangerous, this week is no exception.  Tyra and her crew wanted the girls to float on water in an evening gown.  Someone on the show must be smoking mind altering drugs to come up with stupid stunts like the ones seen this season.  Find out why Tyra lost her shoe and how Ms. Jay finally got out of his judging chair to show the girls how to dance.  This and much more… read on…

The girls' day started by meeting a short, cute man who turned out to be their flamingo instructor.  Models need to learn how to work with a partner therefore, the girls will learn how to dance flamingo style with handsome flamingo dancers.  Amanda was nervous about dancing.  "I'm not a very good dancer", says Amanda.  Maybe Amanda is not aware that dancing is not the only thing on her list. She is not a good walker she is ackward in front of the camera.  Sometimes it seems as though her arms and legs just arrived in a UPS box and she is still trying to get used to using them.  Can a ballet class help or a private lesson with Ms. Jay?  Hmmm, this is definitely a mystery.   Okay, let's move on to the next scene…

The girls were having dinner when in crashes Ms. Jay to join them.  "You all are getting a crash course that many girls would love to have experienced," says Jay.   "May the best bitch win."    Oh, the girls are definitely getting a crash course, but it’s in ‘how to criticize’.  There is no real training; only bitchin'.

Speaking of bitchin', the girls love to bitch about
Melrose.  Why?  Are the girls' threatened by her and cannot stand the fact that she is always winning the challenges.  They need to practice their runway walk and Eugena better get that blank stare out of her face quickly and perform for the camera.

In the next scene the girls get ready to perform their flamingo dance with their male partners.  Each girl danced in an authentic flamingo costume with their male partners as the photographer   photographed each move.  The girl who did the best job and won this challenge is Eugena. 
Melrose could not believe it and was very upset that it was not her who won.   Melrose messed up on her steps and wanted to start over but, they could not do that for this part of the challenge.  She was a slobbering mess still in her costume and poor Amanda, (already out of her costume), had to listen to her sob about not being perfect in her dance routine.  "Dancing is my soul," sobbed Melrose, "and I messed up."

The next day Tyra announced to the girls that she wants to coach them through their next photo shoot.  "I used to do it a lot in cycle 1 and 2 and I miss coaching my girls," says Tyra.  Well it's about time the girls had some hands on experience with Tyra instead of always getting complaints from the judges at elimination.

In this shoot the girls were dressed in gowns and given long hair extensions.  The actual shoot took place in a swimming pool; a cold, ice cold swimming pool.  Mr. Jay said that they were bringing the competition up a notch to see who had what it takes to stay.  As the girls entered the pool in pairs,
Melrose and Eugena were asked to float on their backs while looking into the camera.  I'm trying to think if this shoot would be for waterproof makeup or quick dry gowns.  The girls were very cold in the water and Eugena's body would not stay afloat.  Mr. Jay said of Eugena, "This is a typical Eugena shoot… boring and flat."  Tyra tried to explain to the girls that models work in extreme conditions all the time.  "Try shooting for Sports Illustrated in a bikini in the snow, Tyra started, "I did not do it but the other models did."  Hmmm.  Tyra told the girls later that you don't want to make the clients mad by not being able to finish a shoot because of the conditions. Yet, she was not about to pose for Sports Illustrated in a bikini in the snow.  After Melrose and Eugena were finished, they laid on the ground wrapped in a towel in the sun shivering uncontrollably trying to get warm.  What a stupid, stupid stunt.

The next two in the pool were Amanda and Caridee.  Amanda did not know how to position her fingers, arms, elbows, legs… let's face it … Amanda's extremities do not and will not cooperate with her body; she was a stiff mess.  The water was not kind to Caridee who exposed herself too long in the icy water and her body reached the stage of hypothermia.  Tyra tried to cover it up by saying, "Caridee, you must tell us when your body has reached its limit.  You stayed in too long."  Who is she kidding?  If Caridee would have quit, Tyra would have said, "You don't want to disappoint the clients.”  Which one is it Tyra… Health, safety or a dead model?  UNBELEIVABLE!  The outside swimming pool was in the sun.  Did the water really have to be ice cold or did the directors make the water ice cold…. hmmmm.

At the elimination ceremony Ms. Jay asked the girls to dance the flamingo. 
Melrose and Eugena did their thing and Nigel, one of the judges, barked, "What did you do that was directed towards the judges.  It's all about the face."  Whew.  What was that rant all about?  That advice should have been giving in a training class, not at the elimination judging.

DALIA:  "I think Nigel is getting sick of the show.  He rolled his eyes in disgust.  Nigel is looking at these girls through a photographer's eye and he is ready to see that one girl who has "it".  None of these girls are model material to him."

Since Nigel was not pleased with the performance, Ms. Jay gets up to show the girls the correct way to do a flamingo dance.  See, this is not the time to show the girls anything… the challenge is over!  Then Tyra gets up and says, "Jay dance with me."  Jay reluctantly does a flamingo dance with Tyra and her shoe flies off her foot and hangs off her foot by the ankle strap.  You could see Tyra was embarrassed but, in true model fashion, Tyra looked professional as she kept going.  Then she tried to clean it up further by giving a model's tip… "Did you see how my shoe came off and I kept going like nothing happened.  That's how you do it."    Hah!  Yeah, Okay Ms. T.    Stay your butt in your seat next time.

When the judges deliberated they felt that
Melrose tries to hard, Eugena has the potential but has not delivered, and Amanda's body is a disaster.  She may be too young to know her body and Caridee thinks it's all about her.  When called back in the room, the bottom two girls were Caridee and Amanda.  The judges felt Caridee may not be able to handle extreme weather.  Give me a break!  Caridee does not have to take that assignment.  Please come up with another good excuse for her being in the bottom.  They also felt that Amanda is edgy, can be a high fashion model but is too soft and meek.  Sheesh… Who comes up with these invalid, weak excuses?  Anyway, Amanda gets sent home.  As a tear drops from Amanda's eyes, she says, "Its hard when something good ends."  Amen.

This week I feel like Dalia and I have been really bitchy by nit pickin' at every little mistake or contradiction that Tyra and her crew have made over the past weeks. 

DALIA:  "She gave us no choice, Belinda.  Did you see the photo Tyra took in the water?  I have a DVR and freeze framed to see that she was in a bathtub of water.  I bet it was warm water.   How can you concentrate on taking a good photo when your body is shivering and trying to keep itself warm?  If you want a frozen face shot, then ice cold water is needed, but this was not the case.

What's up with the same old three commercial deals with Cover Girl for our last season's winner, Danielle?  Is that the $100,000 contract… three commercials? I have not seen her in anything else… no runway shows, movies, videos… nothing!  I don't see this show really catapulting the girls to get ahead in this industry…. I'm done."

Who will be the next to lose the chance to be America’s Next Top Model?  Email me at with your questions for the eliminated models.


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