Whodunnit? "killed off" one of its five remaining guests during Sunday night's broadcast of the new reality mystery competition's seventh episode.

Ronnie, a 42-year-old bounty hunter from Kenilworth, NJ, was the ninth guest in the mansion to be "killed" at the end of last night's episode for failing to solve the day's murder crime based upon the evidence supplied.

The game-playing guests were investigating the "death" of Geno, a 33-year-old bar trivia host from Chicago, IL, who was shown getting crushed and "killed" by a chandelier in the mansion.

After each participant attempted to solve the crime of Geno's "death," each guest received an envelope with a card inside telling them whether they were "spared" or "scared" -- meaning they'd be safe from elimination due to their successful crime-solving skills or potentially get "killed" for failing to impress the murderer with their statements of how they believed the incident's events unfolded.

Besides Ronnie, fellow guest Melina, a 29-year-old flight attendant from Chicago, IL, got the only other "scared" card but survived.

Lindsey, a 27-year-old engineer from Boston, MA, ended up impressing the "killer" -- who is actually one of the participants -- most with her statement of how the murder occurred after gathering and interpreting all the evidence.

For each "murder," the guests are allowed to choose one of the following locations to investigate: the scene of the crime, the victim's last known whereabouts and the body itself whether it be in the morgue or elsewhere. They can choose to share the information they discover with others or keep it to themselves.

Lindsey almost nailed the story of what actually happened to Geno. The "killer" used a bobby pin to break into Geno's bedroom and left him a message that read, "Steal Giles cell phone and you will be spared." Geno did as he was told and proved to the "killer" he was "dishonest." The "murderer" then set a dual-pronged blackout timer to go off after the night's luau party had began.

The "killer" had decorated the dance floor with ultraviolet paint so he could map out where to drag the body once the lights went out. While the "killer" hoped to strangle Geno with his special lei, he didn't end up wearing the lei supplied for him to the party, so "plan B" was put into effect.

The "murderer" then put on his or her night-vision goggles, grabbed a gun that had been stashed, shot Geno in the stomach, dragged his body to a glowing crest in the middle of the floor, and then released a chandelier that smashed over his body -- making it look like the brutal blow was the cause of his "death."

Following the conclusion of Geno's case, the guests got to "enjoy" a spa day. Melina and Ronnie were both expecting something bad to happen to them at the spa, as Melina was told she'd receive a facial and Ronnie learned he had been signed up for a hot tub treatment. Out of nowhere, Ronnie was shown relaxing in the hot tub and then violently getting thrown out of the water into a nearby pool.

In addition to Lindsey and Melina, the remaining guests who are still playing the mystery game in the hopes of winning the $250,000 reward are Cris, a 27-year-old ex-beauty queen from Costa Mesa, CA, and Kam, a 30-year-old homeland security attorney from New York, NY.
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