Presumably reacting to Cassandra Whitehead's earlier decision to voluntarily quit the competition, the fifth edition of America's Next Top Model eliminated no one during Wednesday night's broadcast of the UPN reality show.

Instead, Top Model host Tyra Banks did her best Punk'd impression, tricking two of the girls into believing they'd been eliminated before surprising all six of the remaining finalists by revealing that all of them would be heading overseas to continue the competition.

Top Model 5's seventh episode began with the six remaining girls returning home from the elimination ceremony in which Kyle was eliminated. As they entered the house, Kim noticed "Kyle Mail" -- a handwritten goodbye note penned by Kyle -- mounted in the letter holder normally reserved for Tyra Mail. Kim took Kyle's departure hard, crying as she reflected back on the loss of her new friend. "I miss Kyle so much," Kim sobbed to the cameras. "I know she'll be OK but I don't know how I'll be OK without her. This house is so lonely for me without her."

Later, some real Tyra Mail arrived and informed the girls that they'd be meeting "diva" Eva Pigford -- the winner of last fall's Top Model 3 -- the next day.

The next morning, the girls traveled to Poodle Parlor, a photo studio were Eva was doing a fashion shoot for ELLEgirl magazine. Eva explained the importance of being able to get along with a wide variety of people -- an interesting comment given that Eva's "diva" attitude had been considered one of her chief negatives when she competed on Top Model 3.

After showing off her entourage, Eva sat down and chatted with the girls. "You're in control of your destiny," Eva proclaimed as she urged the girls to make the most of their Top Model opportunity.

The next day, the girls received new Tyra Mail that directed them to a downtown Los Angeles studio filled with makeup, clothing, would-be entourage members. Once there, CoverGirl makeup pro BJ Gillian explained that each girl would create their own entourage comprised of hair, makeup, and wardrobe folks. Working with the team they selected, each girl was given an hour to create a college that described what was unique about them. After the hour ended, the girls presented their images during private meetings with Benny Medina and Jean Kwolek, a pair of high-powered talent agents/managers from Handprint Entertainment.

Many of the girls struggled in their attempts to convince the pair that they deserved to land the challenge's big prize: a guest-starring role on UPN's Veronica Mars series. After deliberating about the selection, Jean announced that she and Benny had decided to award the guest-starring role to Kim.

"I just felt like Kim had enough angst and enough passion. There was something about just her pedigree I thought also that sorta bode well for her," Benny explained to the cameras.

The next day, the girls headed off to a Hollywood Hills home. Once there. Jay Manual explained that the girls would be working with photographer Nadia Pandolfo on a "high-fashion mad" photo shoot. After the girls competed their hair and makeup, Jay surprised the girls by revealing their photo shoot partners -- MTV's Jackass Wild Boyz. While some of the girls were excited about the surprise, Bre wasn't one of them. "I'm scared, I don't really want to work with them," Bre lamented before her shoot. "I was not amused by their little childish games, not at all," Bre later added. "You think Lisa's bad? These guys are ridiculous," Jayla confessed to the cameras.

After the shoot ended, Steve-O began flirting with Nicole, a development that caused Lisa to go to desperate lengths by returning to the room wearing an adult-size diaper. The stunt failed to accomplish its desired effect, causing Lisa to take her antic to the next level by shocking the girls by peeing in the diaper. "No woman of class... is gonna do something as disgusting as pee on herself at her job," Bre noted. "I feel disgusted," Nicole shouted as she watched the scene. "I am embarrassed," Kim added. "Lisa [is] a sick individual," Bre vented.

At the elimination ceremony, each girl was required to demonstrate their versatility by posing with a tube of toothpaste, posing with a pair of sunglasses, and filming a one-minute commercial for a fictional "ANTM" chocolate bar.

After the judges deliberated, Tyra announced that while several front-runners had emerged among the girls, some of the other girls had failed to show much progress. Bre, Kim, Lisa, and Nik were all called forward and declared safe, leaving only Jayla and Nicole behind. Tyra called both girls forward and told them "both of you must pack your bags" -- a comment that the stunned girls initially took to mean that they'd both been eliminated. But after moment of silence, Tyra finished her sentence -- "because we're all going to London... and nobody is going home!"