The second victim of Survivor: Guatemala's post-merge pagonging, Bobby Jon Drinkard, a 28-year-old waiter who had also previously competed on last season's Survivor: Palau, was voted out of Survivor during last night's broadcast of the CBS reality show.

Survivor: Guatemala's ninth episode began with merged Xhakum tribe returning from the Night 21 Tribal Council in which Brandon Bellinger had been voted off. Jamie Newton had resented the Bobby Jon's Tribal Council comments that Jamie was playing the game with "no class" and was still fuming about the issue after the tribe returned to camp.

"You're a bully when you say something like 'no class,' you shouldn't judge [someone]," Jamie vented to Rafe Judkins. "Just take some take time.. don't react," Rafe replied. Even resident loudmouth Judd Sergeant urged Jamie to remain calm. "Jamie, don't even bring it up again... you don't want to go to bed angry," Judd suggested. "I ain't angry, my feelings are hurt," replied Jamie.

Despite Rafe and Judd's advice, Jamie persisted with the issue, eventually confronting Bobby Jon about the comment. "Saying 'no class' is like calling me 'white trash' Bobby Jon... it broke my heart," said Jamie. Bobby Jon attempted to make amends, but Jamie still continued to whine about the comment before finally shaking hands with Bobby Jon. "Jamie took it way too personally," Rafe explained in a next day confessional. "If Jamie does not use this as an experience to learn and change from, then I am going to change up this game."

On Day 22, Bobby Jon, Gary Hogeboom, and Danni Boatwright continued searching for the hidden Immunity Idol, realizing that given that the former Yaxha members outnumbered them 6-3, it was one of their best chances to ensure that they'd remain in the game.

Later, the castaways gathered for the Reward Challenge -- a javelin throwing-like competition in which each castaway would use a Mayan atlatl weapon to throw an arrow at a target-surrounded pole. Each person would get only one throw, and the castaway to place their arrow closest to the pole would win the challenge's two prizes: a clue to the location of the hidden Immunity Idol and the best meal at a tribal dinner. All the other castaways would also get to attend the dinner, but the quality of each castaway's meal would be determined by their finish in the challenge. "First place gets the best meal, last place gets the worst meal," Survivor host Jeff Probst explained.

Judd went first, landing his arrow only seven feet away from the pole. One by one, each of the other castaways failed to better Judd's throw, leaving Judd as the challenge's winner. After the competition ended, Jamie surprised everyone by announcing that in an attempt to make amends for his previous evening's behavior, he wanted to give up his fourth place position and instead take the last place meal. "We're one tribe now, [and] I'm sorry I didn't see that sooner," Jamie explained to Jeff.

At the reward dinner, Judd was allowed to select two other castaways that could dine at his "king" table and share in the open bar and dessert menu that accompanied his steak and lobster meal. Judd selected Bobby Jon and Stephenie LaGrossa, citing the friendliness that they'd shown him throughout the game as his reasoning. For finishing last, Jamie received a small bowl of ramon nuts and a glass of dirty lake water.

The next day, Judd shared the contents of his hidden Immunity Idol clue -- a hint that the idol was not located directly on the ground -- with Stephenie. Once again demonstrating his kindergarden-level game strategy, Judd decided that he was going to outsmart the rest of the castaways by announcing that, according to the clue, the hidden idol was on the ground.

"I will say something man, [the] tree mail I got in my pocket... [it says] that thing is definitely by far on the ground... it is totally on the ground," Baghdad Bob Judd announced in a performance that, given his reluctance to take the note out of his pocket, appeared completely unconvincing. Nonetheless, Judd was proud of his sad attempt at subterfuge. "I don't have a problem lying to the other guys at all. That's what the game is all about," the mastermind-in-his-own-mind later gushed to the cameras.

Later, although he had given up his reward meal at the previous day's dinner, Jamie's behavior continued to gnaw at his fellow castaways. "I can't stand him... I'm really losing patience with him," Stephenie vented to Judd.

"I wish I could say that I thought that what he did by taking the lowest meal was an act out of the goodness of heart... [but] I really don't think it was... I don't trust Jamie," Rafe explained during confessional. "I really see Jamie as a huge liability and threat to all of us because he's not all there -- he seems like a loose cannon and he could ruin our entire plan," Stephenie added during her own confessional.
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After assembling for the Immunity Challenge, the castaways learned they'd compete in three-part challenge that would test their coordination and balance. The first four castaways to traverse a balance beam and free two planks would move on to the second round. In the second round, the four remaining contestants would use the two wooden planks that they'd freed earlier to move across a knotted rope bridge. In the last round, the first two finishers of the second round would attempt to cross a two-line rope balance bridge, with the first castaway to successfully do so winning individual immunity.

Bobby Jon and Danni both failed to make it out of the first round, and Gary promptly proceeded to fall well behind in the second round, leaving the final round a competition between Jamie and Rafe. Jamie blew away Rafe in the final round, winning himself immunity and eliminating any chance that his allies could decide to turn on him and blindside him at the evening's Tribal Council.

Once back at camp, Stephanie, Rafe, Judd and Jamie confirmed their plan to vote off Gary. "Gary is a huge physical threat... so unfortunately he just needs to go," Stephanie explained. Meanwhile, Gary, Bobby Jon, and Danni knew one of them would be leaving. "I can guarantee you one thing... it's one of us three," Gary glumly joked with Bobby Jon and Danni.

Later, Gary followed Judd as he searched for the hidden Immunity Idol. "I think it's pretty amazing that Judd told everyone the clue that it's on the ground and I followed him back there and he's looking at the trees," Gary told the cameras. "That's pretty interesting. If it's on the ground I wonder why he's looking at trees? There's no doubt in my mind that Judd's lying, I won't be looking on the ground."

While Gary was gone, Rafe and Stephenie took note of his absence. "That'd be amazing if he found it, amazing... could you imagine?," Stephenie commented.

At the evening's Tribal Council, Stephenie nightmare came true when Gary surprised everyone by producing the hidden Immunity Idol, destroying the group's plans to vote him off. "Oh my god... I knew it," Stephenie remarked.

But while Gary's immunity find was disappointing for the majority alliance, it wasn't fatal -- with two other outsiders still in the game, the group simply moved on to their next target, voting a somewhat surprised Bobby Jon out of the game in 6-2-1 vote. As Survivor: Guatemala's tenth bootee, Bobby Jon becomes the first member of the jury that will determine which of Survivor: Guatemala's final two castaways will receive the competition's $1,000,000 grand prize.