Troy "Troyzan" Robertson is one of six castaways still in the running for Survivor: Game Changers' million-dollar grand prize heading into its finale episode.

Troyzan is a 55-year-old from Miami, FL, who first competed on Survivor at age 50.

Troyzan has had a quiet edit so far on Survivor: Game Changers; however, he has won Individual Immunity and found at least one hidden Immunity Idol. In his possession, Troy also has a beautifully constructed fake idol Sandra Diaz-Twine told Reality TV World she had made and given him before she left the game.

Now that the season's final days are here, perhaps Troyzan may begin to make some big moves. Curious to learn more about him?

Below is a list of seven facts Reality TV World has compiled about Troy "Troyzan" Robertson:

- Troyzan previously played on Season 24, Survivor: One World, in 2012 and finished in eighth place.

He was eliminated from the eleventh episode after he failed to win the Individual Immunity Challenge and knew he was on the chopping block as a result because he was a big threat.

- He bought his first camera at age 17 and currently works as a commercial photographer whose work has appeared in Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions.

A former model, Troyzan also has experience in front of the camera.

- The castaway said he's been a "jungle boy" his whole life, so making fires, fishing, building shelter, and adventure all comes naturally and easily for him.

- Troyzan told Reality TV World after his One World stint that his tribemates were "really kooky" and playing "in the weirdest fashion."

He didn't think the castaways were strategizing or playing to win, claiming they were just playing to stick around longer.
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- Troyzan, who began applying for Survivor immediately after watching Season 1, planned to play a totally different game on Game Changers.

In addition to watching past seasons to pick up on clues he missed the first time around, he felt mentally stronger, more aware and more prepared to be a social player going into the new all-stars season.

- Troyzan's biggest regret was not confronting his enemies face to face on Survivor: One World.

He feels he should've called out the eventual winner, Kim Spradlin, constantly when he had chances to blow up her spot.