With the second season of Work Out ready to premiere on Bravo, one would assume that Sky Sport & Spa owner Jackie Warner should be pumped.  However in early January one of her trainers, 44-year-old Doug Blasdell, died suddenly, casting a somber cloud over what is usually an energetic series.

"We were [still] shooting when he passed.  It was devastating.  Doug was just a wonderful, warm, generous person," said Warner in the March 19 issue of TV Guide.  "We all attended his memorial, off-camera of course.  But it was [our] mission to handle the situation in a way that was classy and respectful... in a way he'd want."

In addition to showing how Warner and her Sky Sport & Spa staff dealt with Blasdell's illness and eventual passing, the second season of Work Out will follow the lives of several other personal trainers employed at the fitness facility, as well as introduce a new trainer -- Gregg, a 24-year-old who was born and raised in Solon, Ohio. 

"[The trainers] are definitely more visible this season and I couldn't be more delighted," Warner told TV Guide.  "Their personalities really come through."

Warner, a 37-year-old from Fairborn, OH, says she opened the Beverly Hills, CA fitness facility -- where much of Work Out takes place -- after careers in business, modeling, acting and script writing.  Due to Sky Sport & Spa's location, the facility has quite the celebrity clientele.

"Britney [Spears is a celebrity I'd love to train].  I think she's on every trainer's hit list because we all feel for her," Warner told TV Guide.  "She's so young and obviously going through an emotional time.  The sad thing is that she has to do publicity."

As for her own celebrity status, Warner said "the camera doesn't lie."

"[Last season] I saw some things in myself that I didn't like, so I needed to change them," she told TV Guide.  "This year is the good, the bad and the ugly, too.  I'm renovating [my new] house and I'm dating, so you can just imagine."

While Warner can learn more about herself as well as her trainers by watching Work Out, she said viewers can also be taught a thing or two about physical fitness.

"The biggest mistake... is having bad form," she told TV Guide. "You're going to hurt yourself and you don't get the benefit of the exercise."

The second season of Work Out is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, March 20 on Bravo at 11PM ET/PT (immediately after Bravo's broadcast of The Real Housewives of Orange County's season finale reunion show) before it takes over The Real Housewives' Tuesdays at 10PM ET/PT time period starting March 27.