Ever since she mysteriously disappeared in season 2 and was replaced by Paige Davis, rumors have swirled among fans about the reasons for original host Alex McLeod's departure. Some even speculate McLeod was fired.

Now, in her first interview since leaving the show, McLeod told NEWSWEEK that she laid down her own paintbrush. “I don’t want to sound like the poster girl for disgruntled cable divas, but the grueling travel schedule was driving me into the ground and the network wouldn’t give me a proper vacation,” she says, adding she spent three weeks a month in Holiday Inns during taping. “Things got out of control. Not only was I shooting footage, writing voice-overs and intros, but at one point they wanted to send me to sewing school so I could help sew on the show.”

“I appreciate all the outpouring of support from my fans, but it’s over,” she says. “I’m not coming back.”