Tori Spelling's marriage has improved and now she thinks she needs to improve her body.

The True Tori star wants more cosmetic surgery due to a loss in confidence after husband Dean McDermott had cheated on her in December of last year, Us Weekly reported.

Spelling, 41, wants to go under the knife again to reportedly fix her C-cup breast implants among other elective surgery procedures. According to a source, Spelling is also considering Botox fillers and a facelift.

"She hit a rough patch with her self-esteem due to Dean's cheating," the source told Us. "She doesn't feel good about herself and wants to do something."

Spelling took a big step forward by consulting with her plastic surgeon Ashkan Ghavami to fix the breast implants she had gotten 15 years ago and quickly came to regret.

However, an insider told the magazine the mother of four is "confident" and just wants to undergo another breast procedure to omit health concerns brought up by her doctor such as potential complications with her scar tissue or a micro-rupture.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress previously underwent two breast augmentations and a nose job.