America's Next Top Model eliminated Alexandra "Alex" Agro and allowed previously-eliminated male model Jeremy Rohmer to re-enter the competition during The CW's broadcast of the twentieth season's tenth episode Friday night.

Alex, a 5' 9 1/4" 21-year-old student from Palm City, FL, was eliminated from the competition after she found herself in the bottom two alongside Chris Hernandez, a 6' 1 1/2" 25-year-old doorman and security guard from North Bergen, NJ.

In addition, Jeremy, a 6' 3" 19-year-old nutritional supplement salesman from Mission Viejo, CA, earned a spot back into the competition after receiving the highest average social media score. He participated in all the photo shoots this season in the separate competition for eliminated models and ended up beating fellow male models Phil Sullivan, who finished in second place, and Mike Scocozza, who finished in third.

Chris and Alex landed in the bottom two based upon their challenge score and total combined scores from the judges and viewers for a photo shoot which required the contestants to make a noticeable physical flaw awesome while posing with male model Shaun Ross and actress Zendaya Coleman -- who also competed on Dancing with the Stars' sixteenth season -- at Birmingham high school.

For the challenge, all the models had to audition for a commercial to sell "Quaff water" by following the ridiculous and silly instructions of comedian Reggie Watts, who was pretending to be the director of the commercial with Top Model judge Kelly Cutrone at his side. Jourdan Miller ended up winning the challenge because she committed to the material, acted professional and was believable.

At panel, Alex received a score of seven from Kelly and her fellow judges Tyra Banks and Rob Evans. She also earned eight points for the challenge and a 5.5 fan vote, making her overall score 34.50.

Chris was deemed safe with his overall score of 34.80. He received seven points from Tyra and Rob and nine points from Kelly. Chris also racked in six points for the challenge and a 5.8 fan vote.

Best photo of the week went to Nina Burns, who was the person to receive the highest overall score of 43.90.

Tyra's call-out order was as follows: Nina, Don Walls, Renee Bhagwandeen, Jourdan, Cory Hindorff, Jeremy, Marvin Cortes, and finally Chris and Alex.