Done in by a woeful inability to row a boat and complete a Detour task that required them to harvest sunken oyster baskets, Tom Rock and Terry Cosentino were the last team to reach The Amazing Race 10's fourth Pit Stop, causing the gay partners to become the fifth team to be eliminated from the latest edition of the CBS reality show.

The Amazing Race 10's fourth episode began with the eight remaining teams departing Canh Dong Dia, a rice paddy outside Hanoi, Vietnam that served as the Race's third Pit Stop. As they departed the Pit Stop, the teams received a clue instructing them to take a taxi 20 miles back to Hanoi and locate Ly Thai To Garden. Before they left, each team was also given 588,000 Vietnamese dung (about $37) for use on the upcoming race leg.

While more than an hour separated the first team to leave the Pit Stop (brothers Erwin and Godwin Cho) from the last team to leave the Pit Stop (Tom and Terry), the fact that Erwin and Godwin's taxi got lost on the way to the garden and most of the rest of the teams departed the Pit Stop within minutes of each other scrambled the order in which the teams reached the garden. After arriving at the garden, the teams received instructions -- via a loudspeaker that repeated the instructions on a looping pre-recorded message -- to take a taxi to the Ben Xe Gia Lam bus station and take a bus to Ben Xe Bai Chay.

Taxi problems once again plagued some of the teams on the way to the bus station. Although they'd managed to be the first team to leave the garden, single moms Lyn Turk and Karlyn Harris got lost and were one of the last teams to arrive at the bus station. Meanwhile, dating couple Rob Diaz and Kimberly Chabolla put on an "ugly Americans" exhibition when Rob, infuriated that their initial plan to blindly follow former drug addicts and models Tyler Denk and James Branaman backfired when their driver lost sight of the male models' taxi, berated his driver and went through two more taxi drivers (that required two more trips back to the loudspeaker) on their way to the bus station.

Upon arriving at the bus station, the teams discovered that all of their frantic driving had been in vain -- the bus station didn't open until 5AM, which meant all of the teams had plenty of time to arrive at the station and bunch back together. Once the bus station opened, all of the teams bought tickets on the same bus. After a 103 mile bus ride, the teams reached Ha Long Bay and found Hydrofoil Harbor, the location of their next clue.

When they retrieved the clue, the teams learned that it was time for the leg's Roadblock -- one of each team's members had to use mechanical ascenders to climb up the side of a rocky island's 90 foot cliff. In order to reach the rocky island, each team had to board a motorboat that would race them across the harbor.

As the teams waited for their boats to arrive at the dock, beauty queens Dustin Konzelman and Kandice Pelletier generated some drama by continuing their line-cutting ways and jumping on board the boat that was intended for Lyn and Karlyn. However unlike last episode, their karmic payday was instantaneous -- in their rush to board the boat, Kandice slipped and cut her leg on the boat's interior. "She got what she deserved for cutting in front of us," Lyn vented.

Once the teams arrived at the Roadblock, they discovered that since there were only three climbing stations, only three people could climb at once and the rest of the teams would, based on the order in which they arrived, have to wait their turn. While some of the climbers had difficulty completing the Roadblock -- particularly amputee Sarah Reinertsen, who despite having previously struggled to complete the Race's similar Great Wall Of China climb, once again volunteered to complete the physically exhausting task as able-bodied teammate Peter Harsch looked on -- all of the team members eventually completed the climb.

After completing the Roadblock, the teams received clues instructing them to have their motorboat drivers transport them to Sung Sot Cave, a local tourist attraction. After searching the large cave for their cluebox, the teams were presented with the Race's fourth Detour -- "Over" or "Under."

"Over" required the teams to board a large "junk" boat and, after being transported to a floating marker, board a small rowboat and row themselves to a supply boat. Once there, they had to load their rowboat with provisions, row to a floating village and deliver the provisions, and then row back to their supply boat. "Under" required the teams to take a "junk" boat to another marked buoy, board a small rowboat and row themselves to a pearl farm. Once at the pearl farm they had to choose a line of buoys, harvest thirty sunken oyster baskets, and row the baskets to a waiting pearl farmer.

The majority of the teams chose "Under," with married couple David and Mary Conley, Lyn and Karlyn, and Dustin and Kandice being the only teams to initially select the "Over" provision delivery option. However, David and Mary and Dustin and Kandice both later switched to "Under," leaving Lyn and Karlyn as the only team to complete the "Over" option.

Regardless of which Detour option they chose, nearly all of the teams struggled to row their boat to their Detour location. While Rob's quick completion of the Roadblock climb had left them comfortably in first place, Rob and Kimberly bickered heatedly throughout the "Under" Detour option. Meanwhile, although Tom and Terry had been the second team to leave the cave and the third team to arrive at the "Under" Detour location, their rowing difficulties (and seemingly incessant whining) continued through the basket harvesting process, resulting in Tyler and James, Erwin and Godwin, Sarah and Peter (who when it came time for him to actually have to bear the brunt of a task, whined that he wanted to quit the Race), David and Mary, and Dustin and Kandice all managing to complete the Detour option ahead of the gay partners.
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After competing their Detour option, the teams received a clue instructing them to row back to their junk, which would then take them on a nine mile boat ride to Soi Sim Island, the scene of the Race's fifth Pit Stop. As the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop, Rob and Kimberly each won a jetski. Although they'd been the second team to the complete the Detour, Tyler and James ended up checking in third (behind Peter and Sarah, who spent part of the nine mile ride complaining about Peter's poor attitude) due to their boat crew's failure to remember to raise their anchor before departing.

Meanwhile, although they left the pearl farm well ahead of Tom and Terry, Dustin and Kandice lost valuable time by misreading their clue and thinking that they had to row themselves to Soi Sim Island. After visiting a couple of nearby islands and breaking down in tears, the beauty queens finally decided that perhaps their clue (now wet and unreadable) had stated that their junk would take them to the Pit Stop island. Although they didn't know it was the time, Dustin and Kandice's misadventures (which included the pair arguing over which one of them was to blame for their mistake) ended up allowing Lyn and Karlyn to move ahead of them and check-in in sixth place.

Luckily for the beauty queens, Tom and Terry proved even more inept. Unable to row anymore, the pair eventually resorted to having Tom climb out of the boat and -- while pulling the boat behind him -- walk and swim from small island to small island until they reached their junk boat. After making the nine mile junk boat ride to the Pit Stop, Tom and Terry (who appeared to arrive after sundown and well after the rest of the teams) heard Phil tell them the words that no racer ever wants to hear -- "Tom and Terry, you're the last team to arrive, I am sorry to tell you that you have both been eliminated from the Race."