Unable to reach the The Amazing Race 10's penultimate Pit Stop before any of the competition's three other remaining teams (never mind fast enough to overcome the thirty minute "marked for elimination" penalty that their last place finish in the Race's previous non-elimination leg had burdened them with), beauty queens Dustin Konzelman and Kandice Pelletier became the eighth team to be eliminated from the latest edition of the CBS reality show.

Last night's broadcast of The Amazing Race 10's twelfth episode began with the four remaining teams departing a nomadic Berber camp in Morocco that served as the Race's tenth Pit Stop. As they left the Pit Stop, the teams received clues instructing them to drive themselves 275 miles through the Atlas Mountains to Casablanca, Morocco's biggest city. Once there, they would have to make their way to a local marketplace and search the area for a cluebox containing their next clue.

Although they only left the Pit Stop one minute after the first place team of former drug addicts and models Tyler Denk and James Branaman, single moms Lyn Turk and Karlyn Harris struggled to find the marketplace. Dating couple Rob Diaz and Kimberly Chabollao (who left the Pit Stop only 17 minutes after the front-running team) also struggled to find the marketplace, a move that allowed Dustin and Kandice -- despite having left the Pit Stop 46 minutes after Tyler and James -- to become the second team to find the marketplace cluebox.

After opening their new clue, the teams learned that it was time for the leg's Roadblock, a task that required one member of each team to eat a traditional Moroccan meal of barbecued ground camel meat. Even after finally finding the marketplace, Rob and Kimberly and Lyn and Karlyn still struggled to find the cluebox, a delay that allowed Tyler and James and Dustin and Kandice (who had once again managed to persuade a local to accompany them on their tasks) to both complete the Roadblock before the other two teams even arrived at the marketplace cafe.

Once the teams completed the Roadblock, they received clues instructing them to nearly fly 800 miles to Barcelona, Spain. Although the Roadblock task had allowed Tyler and James and Dustin and Kandice to open up a significant lead on Rob and Kimberly and Lyn and Karlyn, all of the teams ended up bunched back together at the airport and flew to Barcelona on the same flight.

Upon arriving in Spain, the teams had to take taxis to Parc del Laberint d'Horta, a local park, and then search a large hedge maze for a cluebox containing their next clue. All four teams arrived at the park pretty quickly however unfortunately for the racers, the park had already closed for the day. After leaving to get some rest, all four teams were back outside the park well before it opened at 10AM the next morning. Before entering the park, Dustin and Kandice charmed some nearby construction workers into calling them a taxi for 10:10AM. Deciding that the beauty queens had a smart idea, Rob prodded Kimberly to "use her sexuality" to do the same for her own team. Tyler and James quickly asked Kimberly request a second taxi for them, a request Kimberly promptly passed along. However despite the rest of the teams lining up departure taxi reservations, Karlyn only gave a curt "whatever" response to Lyn's suggestion that they also do the same.

After racing into the park and finding the cluebox, the teams learned it was time for the leg's Detour options, "Lug It" and "Lob It." "Lug It" required the teams to take a taxi four miles to Las Ramblas, a tree-lined kilometer-long pedestrian mall, and then walk to the Maremagnum bridge. Once there, each team member would have to don nine and a half foot tall costumes of a giant and walk more than a mile to Placa de Sant Felip Neri, one of the city's most beautiful squares. After finding the square, a huge female giant would give them their next clue. "Lob It" required the teams to take a taxi nine miles to a town square. Once there, they would have to search a huge mountain of tomatoes for a tomato that contained their next clue. While they searched, bystanders (replicating a "tomato fight" that occurs during the area's annual La Tomatina tomato festival) would pelt them with tomatoes.

All of the teams exited the park at about the same time, settling off a mad scramble for the taxis that were waiting back outside the park's gates. However although Kimberly had clearly asked the construction workers to make reservations for two taxis, only Rob and Kimberly's was waiting, a move forced both Lyn and Karlyn and Tyler and James to waste additional valuable time wandering down to a busier road to flag down passing taxis of their own.

Once they got in their taxis, Dustin and Kandice and Tyler and James decided to do "Lug It" while Rob and Kimberly and Lyn and Karlyn decided to do "Lug It." However after becoming the first team to arrive at "Lob It" and getting pelted with countless whole tomatoes, a tearful Kimberly -- insisting that Dustin and Kandice's thirty minute time penalty still gave them time to change their mind -- begged Rob to switch to "Lug It." When Rob refused, Kimberly quit the challenge and the pair raced to find a taxi able to take them to Las Ramblas. But after discovering that switching to "Lug It" would mean taking a twenty kilometer taxi ride, the pair returned back to the tomato pile and -- within what appeared to be only a few more minutes of searching -- found their elusive "needle in a tomato stack."

After finally arriving at "Lob It" after Rob and Kimberly had already departed, Lyn and Karlyn, despite some brief bickering about whether they should instead switch to "Lug It," managed to complete the tomato task pretty quickly. Meanwhile, back at "Lug It," Dustin and Kandice struggled to find Placa de Sant Felip Neri, a costly delay that allowed Tyler and James to catch up and complete the Detour task only seconds after the beauty queens.

Once they completed their Detour tasks, the teams received clues instructing them to take taxis to the Palau Nacional of Montjuic, a stunning former 1929 World's Fair structure that now contains the National Art Museum of Catalonia and served as the Race's eleventh Pit Stop. Despite their Detour task troubles, Rob and Kimberly were the first team to at the Pit Stop. As the first time to check-in, Rob and Kimberly won a trip for two to Barbados. Lyn and Karlyn arrived next, setting up a less than dramatic (given the beauty queens' thirty minute "marked for elimination" time penalty) race between Dustin and Kandice and Tyler and James for the third and final spot in The Amazing Race 10's final leg. In the end, Dustin and Kandice checked in fourth and their penalty didn't even come into play.

When Dustin and Kandice finally reached the check-in, Race host Phil Keoghan broke the news that Lyn and Karlyn were the ones who had managed to accomplish the beauty queens' oft-stated goal of becoming the first all-female team to ever make it into The Amazing Race's final leg. "Dustin and Kandice, you are the last team to arrive. I'm very sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race."