Is it just fate that the twins, Michelle and Amanda got eliminated back to back and lost the chance at winning the title of America’s Next Top Model? They had a 2-1 chance to win over the other girls and blew it. Don't feel sorry for the girls because they have a brilliant career ahead of them in editorial print modeling. Runway modeling for them is another story; they need hours of practice. In an exclusive interview, Amanda reveals how she managed to get along with 13 girls and one bathroom.

Q: What was the difference between living with 13 girls in the beginning of the competition and now being in the final four?
A: It’s definitely more space when you are in the house with three girls. It’s more relaxing, more space and more privacy. In the house there was one bathroom with four sinks and two toilets. When the house had all thirteen girls, there were a lot of girls taking late night showers to avoid the bathroom rush. There was always someone in the room with you so you never got any privacy.

Q: Who did you hang out with in the house?
A: Meg, then Jaeda. I got along with most of the girls in the house.

Q: The judges kept saying you were awkward. Did they give you any training to help you overcome your awkwardness?
A: I was not aware how many times the judges said that until I saw the show. We did not get much training. They would give us tips and advice at the shoot.

Q: What was your best and worst shoot?
A: I liked the swimming pool shoot even though it was a little challenging to stay afloat. It was really fun. I jumped around a lot to keep my body warm. The water was cold; it was 11 AM in the late summer so the sun did not have a chance to warm the water. I liked the celebrity couples shoot too. My worst shoot was the bull. I did not like the bull shoot because I could not get my flow going and I guess it was because Nigel would be the photographer.

Q: What advice would you give to other girls who want to be on the show?
A: Don't sound rehearsed; just be yourself and try not to wear much makeup.

Q: What will you do now?
A: I will continue to pursue a career in modeling. I live close to the LA area, so I will start there and see what happens.

I was really looking forward in seeing the first twin model winners on America’s Next Top Model. They would have been the twin super models. If only the training was better, maybe the girls would have had a very good chance at winning.

Amanda plans to have a My Space page up and running in the future.
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