Tom Papa will reportedly be banging the gavel for NBC's upcoming The Marriage Ref reality series.

The network has tapped the comedian to serve as the judge and issue the final verdict on The Marriage Ref's marital disputes, The Hollywood Reporter reported Monday.

Each The Marriage Ref episode will follow spouses who are arguing about something as they present their case to a panel of celebrities and comedians. The panel will then try to convince Papa which spouse is correct before he makes his decision.

NBC ordered the reality series in February and it was created by former Seinfeld star Jerry Seinfeld. 

Papa has previously served as the opening act on Seinfeld's stand-up tour, has had two of his own Comedy Central stand-up specials, and also appeared in the film The Informant.

The Marriage Ref is currently slated to begin production in January, according to The Reporter, which added Seinfeld will mostly work behind the camera.