TLC has announced it will premiere Lost In Transition, which will star four married couples attempting to navigate life after the wives learn their husbands are transgender and have decided to transition, in May.

Lost In Transition's season will consist of nine episodes and premiere on TLC on Sunday, May 20 at 10PM ET/PT. 

Similar Amazon's fictional Transparent drama series, each of Lost In Transition's husbands have only recently revealed their long-time gender identity struggles to their wives, who are now attempting to adjust to the "new normal" in which their husbands have decided to begin living life as women.

"Imagine navigating life's great milestones -- marriage, children, building a home -- knowing that you identify as a different gender," TLC teased of the new series.

"Imagine what must go through a woman's mind when her husband finally builds up the courage to share with her this life-altering truth."

The reality series will chronicle the four couples delving into the "confusion, disappointment and uncertainty surrounding them," according to the network.

Throughout the course of the show, viewers will witness each couple's journey as they share the husband's transition decision with family and friends, take steps toward the transition, and embrace their newly-evolved relationships.

Lost In Transition is being produced by Tremendous! Entertainment for TLC.

Below is the list of four couples who will be appearing on Lost In Transition and their TLC-supplied descriptions:

- Jennifer and Larry, who is becoming Lawren

Jennifer and Larry met as teenagers while Jennifer was working as a singing waitress on a cruise ship, and they had an instant connection. They have a picture-perfect life: Larry is a successful attorney, Jennifer runs the law office, and they have four kids -- Jacqueline (16), twins Isabella and Madeline (12) and son Lawson (8).

They've always been the envy of their Eastern Virginia community -- but no one knew that Larry had been secretly battling a deep depression for years.

Jennifer helplessly watched him spin out of control and had no idea what was going on... until one night, Larry broke down and revealed a secret he had been hiding his entire life: that he wanted to be a woman. Now, as Larry is becoming Lawren, Jennifer is working to hold their close-knit family together.

- Stacy and Les, who is becoming Leslie

Stacey and Les have known each other since grade school, but they fell for each other as sophomores in high school. Stacy was attracted to Les' oddball sense of humor and she couldn't imagine spending her life with anyone else.

Once they married, they settled into their simple life in a small, rural town in Washington, with their toddler son, Evander. All was well until Stacy noticed that Les was becoming increasingly irritated with her and the baby for no apparent reason. One day, he finally broke down and confessed that he identified as a woman.

Stacy ultimately decided that she wants to do whatever it takes to help her husband and keep their family together, but this may be easier said than done in their conservative town. Leslie has begun the process to look like the woman she feels inside -- but with another baby on the way, she and Stacy must figure out how to physically, emotionally and financially prepare for the future.

- Beverly and AJ, who is becoming Karen

Beverly and AJ have a typical American love story -- they met in college, got married three years later, raised two kids together, and had a happy marriage of 22 years.

AJ is a former marine and motorcycle junkie, and when Beverly found women's clothing on his side of the closet, she confronted him about it -- but was not prepared for the life-changing conversation that would follow. AJ admitted to Beverly that the clothes were his, and that he wants to leave her to become Karen.

This seismic shift in family dynamic is compounded by the fact that one of their children is also transgender and in the process of transitioning to a man. With her divorce pending, Beverly searches to find her footing as she prepares to find a new place to live, manage her finances alone and re-enter the dating world.


- Cindy and Troy, who is becoming Lucy

Cindy first met Troy after getting out of an abusive 30-year marriage. She was hesitant to jump into any kind of relationship again, but Troy was everything she had hoped for in a man, but didn't think was possible: he was kind, sensitive and funny, and they shared undeniable chemistry.

Their relationship seemed perfect for over 10 years until out of the blue, Troy admitted to Cindy that he has always felt like a woman, and he hopes to begin transitioning.

Cindy is having a hard time coming to terms with how Troy's transition will affect their relationship -- although she does not want to be in a same-sex union, she is conflicted about the possibility of losing her partner. Troy hopes that they can find a compromise because he does not want to lose the love of his life, but he also doesn't want to continue living a lie.

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