TLC has announced One Big Happy Family, a new reality series that will follow a morbidly obese family as they deal with everyday obstacles in their lives, will premiere Tuesday, December 29 at 9PM ET/PT.

Each half-hour One Big Happy Family episode will follow the Cole family, which resides in Charlotte, NC and weighs a collective 1,400 ponds between the four of them.

Norris, the 41-year-old father who weighs 340 lbs., is a stay-at-home dad while his wife Tameka, a 36-year-old who weighs 380 lbs., is responsible for financially supporting the family while also serving as the disciplinarian for their two children -- 16-year-old Amber, who weighs 348 lbs., and her 14-year-old brother Shayne, who weighs 308 lbs..

In addition to documenting the Coles in their everyday life, One Big Happy Family will also follow the family's attempt to lose weight without the help of a trainer or nutritionist.

TLC ordered the six-episode series in July, and it is being produced by RDF USA with creator Mike Duffy as well as Chris Coelen and Julia Silverton serving as executive producers.