Now that Project Runway's sixth season is finally set to debut on Lifetime this summer, fashion guru Tim Gunn said fans of the reality series have a lot to look forward to.

"It's a great season. I'll say there's a big-time shocker, some purported cheating," Gunn told the Miami Herald in a Sunday report.  "The blogs will be clogged. They won't be able to vent enough about it."

Earlier this month, Bravo's NBC Universal parent company, The Weinstein Company, and Lifetime Networks announced that the legal dispute surrounding the rights to the reality series had been resolved.

Harvey Weinstein, the CEO of Project Runway's The Weinstein Company production company, has subsequently stated Project Runway's sixth season -- which already filmed its finale at New York Fashion Week in February -- will premiere on Lifetime on August 15.

"Thank God we're out of the courts," Gunn told the Herald.  "We got the word on April 1 that it was a go -- I thought it was an April Fool's joke."

With Project Runway's sixth season on the horizon, Gunn also weighed in on some previous contestants -- including fourth-season champ Christian Siriano.

"He so impressed us," Gunn told the Herald. "I taught for 29 years [including the] Proenza Schouler boys. He's the only one I would say is a fashion prodigy. I think he's his generation's Marc Jacobs. I have every confidence of his continued ascension to greatness."

Gunn also commented on former fifth-season finalist Kenley Collins, who was arrested last month and charged with suspicion of assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon after allegedly assaulting and throwing a cat at ex-fiance Zak Penley, who was allegedly sleeping at the time. She later denied the charges and plead guilty to reduced disorderly conduct last week.

"To be blunt, I owe it to her immaturity," Gunn told the Herald.

"If the audience had seen excerpts of what we edited out they would have turned off their televisions. She would laugh inappropriately when I made my rounds in the work room. I would call over my shoulder, 'Kenley, just stop it!' I'm now very cautious of any designer who has not had even a semester of design education. She took all of the critiquing personally."