Violence erupted and the name of Pumpkin was invoked during I Love New York's second-season episode last night on VH1, which saw Tiffany "New York" Pollard cut one more suitor and disqualify another for a physical altercation he had with another one of the bachelors.

Buddha, a model and personal trainer from Miami, FL, was disqualified after head-butting and striking Tailor Made, a fashion planner from Queens, NY; while 20 Pack, a hair stylist from Florida, was booted by the 25-year-old Utica, NY native and former Flavor of Love fling after she saw him as just a friend.

I Love New York 2's fourth episode began with Tailor Made commenting on how he'll continue to be "strategic and manipulative" until he's the "last one standing" out of the 10 remaining bachelors.  Buddha decided to confront Tailor Made for what occurred following the previous challenge, when Tailor Made told Cheezy one thing and then went behind his back and did another.

"Tailor Made is a typical snake," commented Buddha.  "It offends me personally when someone takes advantage of someone like that.  Tailor Made needs to be confronted."

Buddha then followed through and confronted Tailor Made, but things got out of hand quickly when Buddha threw what appeared to be a piece of bread at Tailor Made before cornering him in a section of the house.  Buddha got right in Tailor Made's face, and while VH1's video of the incident was a little unclear, it appeared as though Buddha head-butted Tailor Made.

"You're out!" yelled Tailor Made at Buddha, aware that physical violence would get him booted.  "You f**king head-butted me!"

Tailor Made -- who was "stunned" -- proceeded to run away from Buddha, who followed him and got right back in his face and yelled expletives at him.  This time you could clearly see Buddha take a swipe at Tailor Made in the house's stairway.  The two were eventually separated.

"Right now it's not about New York," explained Buddha.  "Right now it's about Buddha love, it's about Buddha pride.  It's about what I represent.  I don't let that s**t go!"

While some of the guys wondered if Tailor Made was trying to get himself killed by getting into it with Buddha, Elgin, IL lawyer Punk commented how he wouldn't be surprised if Tailor Made ran up to New York's room and ratted Buddha out.  Not surprisingly, that's exactly what happened as Tailor Made explained to New York there was a "bit of an altercation" and accused Buddha of head-butting him, choking him and striking him.  He apparently had the bruise on his head to prove it.

"He touched you?" questioned a concerned New York, who then comforted a visibly upset Tailor Made.

"I was really shooken up..." he said.

New York said she was determined to get to the bottom of it and was especially "upset" because she "really likes" Tailor Made.  Buddha noticed New York wouldn't look him directly in the eyes and explained to her that his altercation with Tailor Made did "get physical to an extent."

"I'm sorry that I did it because I am here for you," said Buddha, trying to reverse course on his previous statement.  New York explained she "can't have physical violence" in the house and Buddha had to be sent home.
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"I didn't feel upset about the way I'm leaving New York," said Buddha before he left.  "I'm upset about cheating her out of our experience together.  I know that had Tailor Made and I not gotten into this altercation, New York and I would have ended up together.  There's no doubt about it."

"Once I found out Buddha was going to go, I felt good," calmly explained Tailor Made.  "It felt good for two reasons.  One I didn't have to worry about him killing me, and secondly, one down and I don't know how many to go."

With the ugly incident behind them for the time being, the nine remaining bachelors received a note from New York explaining their next challenge would prove to her how strong the suitors were.  Since the note came with boxing trunks, it was quite clear what the challenge would entail. 

The guys were also told to pair themselves up -- but since Buddha was gone -- it created an uneven number.  20 Pack said nobody wanted to team with Tailor Made, who said that "only empowered" him because it created a "me against the world" mentality.

Once at the Glendale Fighting Club, New York revealed the guys would be duking it out with female kick boxers.  Because the challenge was strictly based on self-defense, the guys were unable to retaliate against the women and had to take the "ass-whooping" like men.  Each pair had six minutes in the ring with a kick boxer and could alternate with each other as frequently as possible.

The first team consisted of The Entertainer, a dock loader from Congers, NY, and Texas-native Wolf.  They split the time evenly, each getting three minutes in the ring, that way they both had an equal chance to prove to New York how tough they were.  A similar strategy was used by Pretty, a law school student from Pearl, MS, and Punk; as well as It, a Long Island City, NY native, and Midget Mac, a four-foot tall single father of two from Florida.

Since Tailor Made didn't have a partner, he had to take a full six minutes of poundings from the kick boxers.  New York noticed Tailor Made was "scrawny," a fact which apparently wasn't lost on him, as he danced around the ring and wouldn't even take a punch. 

The final team to step into the ring was 20 Pack and Mr. Wise, a club promoter from Camden, NJ.  20 pack said he had agreed to let Mr. Wise have four of the six minutes in the ring since he was trying to impress New York, but Mr. Wise broke the deal and never tagged 20 Pack into the fight, meaning he hogged all six minutes of the bout.

"He sold me out!  After we had an arrangement, he got selfish," said 20 Pack.  Mr. Wise said he felt bad for what he had done, but was soon cheered up when New York said he and 20 Pack had won the challenge and would be accompanying her on a two-on-one date. 

Tailor Made tried to stir up more trouble, goading 20 Pack and Mr. Wise by commending them for their "good teamwork."  Mr. Wise described Tailor Made as a "shady character" for trying to "instigate" trouble.

Back at the house, Mr. Wise apologized to 20 Pack and said he "felt guilty" for grabbing his opportunity in the ring, which created some "bad karma."  20 Pack accepted Mr. Wise's apology, and Tailor Made was bummed that he was unable to cause a rift between the two.

"I realized I had to look for another fish to fry," commented Tailor Made.

He'd have his opportunity that night, as Sister Patterson took her three remaining "Mama's Boys" -- Punk, Tailor Made and Pretty -- to dinner.  They would be accompanied by Mr. Wise, who she called an honorary "Mama's Boy."  Tailor Made said he planned to "target" one of the other guys during dinner with Patterson, and he chose Mr. Wise.

"I'm going to figure a way to make sure he goes home very soon," said Tailor Made of Mr. Wise, who again accused Tailor Made of trying to instigate trouble.

At dinner, Tailor Made bashed some of the other guys not present and Patterson asked if he'd be her "eyes and ears" inside the house, to which Tailor Made agreed.  Mr. Wise was having none of it, saying he would never stoop as low as Tailor Made.

"I'm not a snitch," vowed Mr. Wise before Patterson dismissed him from the dinner.  "I'm here to win, but at the same time I'm not going to degrade myself as a person."  Mr. Wise was pleased he was able to stand up for what he believes in, and Tailor Made felt confident Mr. Wise would be the next one going home.

The next morning as New York prepared for her date with 20 Pack and Mr. Wise, The Entertainer was running his mouth about how one of the previously eliminated bachelors (he wouldn't say which one) might have hinted that Pretty was gay.  While The Entertainer begged Tailor Made not to tell New York about it since he was unsure if it was even true, Tailor Made still ran to her room to spill the beans. 

New York said Tailor Made was "winning major points" for gossiping about the others, but still hoped the rumor wasn't true because she likes Pretty.  She then questioned whether Tailor Made actually cared for her, to which he replied that he "wouldn't subject" himself "to physical, emotional and mental abuse" if he didn't.

New York's date with 20 Pack and Mr. Wise then began, and she quickly told them the rumor about Pretty being gay.  20 Pack and Mr. Wise were appalled to learn that Tailor Made was once again responsible for bashing a fellow bachelor and expressed their displeasure to New York.  She just laughed about it and said she's "always going to listen to dirt."  Mr. Wise explained he wouldn't snitch to Patterson the previous night and wouldn't change his character just to be with New York.  She asked him if he wanted to go home.

"It is what it is," he answered, which was apparently not the right response as New York dismissed him from lunch.  20 Pack was pleased that Mr. Wise was sent away, but things quickly went downhill when New York asked for a kiss and 20 Pack couldn't deliver.  He explained kissing New York would be a "big step" and he was "a little nervous."  He hoped not kissing her showed he was in it for the "long term."

"20 Pack won't kiss me because he's not into me," said New York.  "Right now, I'm not fully digging 20 Pack."

Back at the house, 20 Pack said it was time to call-out Tailor Made for ratting out all the other guys to New York.  As the guys in the house gathered, Tailor Made sensed he was "in trouble," which turned out to be true when Pretty peppered him with questions after learning Tailor Made told New York he might be gay.

"How do you sleep at night?" Mr. Wise asked Tailor Made.

"Go f**k yourself!" answered Tailor Made, a comment that Mr. Wise said was disrespectful where he comes from.  Still, Mr. Wise did everything in his power to just relax and not pull a Buddha by physically attacking Tailor Made.  As he cooled down, Tailor Made called his mom on the phone.  Mr. Wise couldn't contain his anger any longer and returned to the house and got right in Tailor Made's face.  After some shouting, Tailor Made spit in Mr. Wise's face.

"I will murder you!" screamed Mr. Wise as The Entertainer had to physically hold him back.  Mr. Wise eventually broke free and ran right up to Tailor Made but resisted the urge to punch him, instead taking a swift kick from Tailor Made.  I Love New York's production crew had to step in and separate the two, and Mr. Wise regretted not hitting Tailor Made.

Punk then reminded Tailor Made that at the conclusion of Flavor of Love's first season, Brooke "Pumpkin" Thompson spit in New York's face and the two have been sworn enemies ever since.  Tailor Made retreated to New York's room, aware he was going to have to explain what happened.

"What did you say you did to him?" asked New York as VH1 played a clip of the Flavor of Love episode in which Pumpkin spit in her face.

"I don't respect him right now," she continued before yelling at Tailor Made.  "Don't you know that's an offense!  I've been spit on, how the f**k you gonna do that?!  You's a dumb ass... You stupid, that's what you are."

Tailor Made used the defense that he's a "fool in love" and doesn't normally act like this.  New York said she was "so pissed off" because she felt a "chemistry" with Tailor Made and was now having "second thoughts."

"It is something that I couldn't defend," explained a remorseful Tailor Made.  "So I f**king left [her room] and I knew I was up for elimination."

Pretty and Punk decided to remove Tailor Made's belongings from the room the three share together and threw it outside on the lawn, explaining he wasn't welcome anymore.  Tailor Made wasn't too happy all of his expensive belongings were strewn about the yard.

"This is war.  This is f**king war!" screamed Tailor Made.  "One thing you don't f**k with is a man's clothes!"

I Love New York 2's fourth elimination ceremony then commenced.

"I feel very confident," said 20 Pack.  "I would definitely be shocked if I went home tonight."

New York explained she was upset because the guys seem to be eliminating themselves by displaying physically violent behavior.

"It's just so much violence going on, I don't know what the f**k to do!" said New York, revealing to the nine remaining guys she wouldn't be handing out chains.  "It's like you guys are taking over this house and these decisions aren't mine anymore.  I can't keep cutting people on violence!  Because if I'm doing that, I'm not operating with my heart."

The only chain she presented for the evening went to Mr. Wise, who was commended for "not beating the s**t" out of Tailor Made.  He also received a kiss from New York as well as an apology from Tailor Made, which he refused to accept.  New York then made Tailor Made turn his back to her and face the wall, and all the guys wanted to see him be sent packing.

"Tailor Made should go home," said Mr. Wise.  "If he doesn't, I don't know what's going to happen.  I can't make no promises."

New York informed the guys she wasn't making any more decisions "off anger" and explained she just views 20 Pack as a great friend and added she doesn't have time to take "baby steps" with him, but hoped they could remain friends.

"New York let me go because I'm taking baby steps," commented 20 Pack after his ouster.  "But if you want to rush into things, that's how you're going to get your heart broken again."

New York said there can't be anymore fighting in the house and allowed Tailor Made to stay.

"I can't believe New York chose to keep Tailor Made after he spit in Mr. Wise's face," said a surprised Punk.  "Tailor Made has got to go home... He's not ready for New York."

"I don't cut Tailor Made because if I would have cut him, tomorrow I'd wake-up and regret it," said New York.  "I was so pissed off and disappointed in his actions.  It's going to take me a long time to get over this.  I know Tailor Made's moral character needs work.  But you know what?  I like him and I'm willing to work through it with him."

I Love New York 2's next episode will air Monday, November 5 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.