The Voice featured its finalists Katie Kadan, Ricky Duran, Jake Hoot, and Rose Short each taking the stage with three powerful songs -- including brand new original singles -- during Part 1 of the show's Season 17 finale Monday night on NBC.

Each of the Top 4 finalists sang three times for home viewer votes: A cover song, a holiday duet with his or her coach, and the debut of a brand-new original single.

For the first time in seven seasons, all four coaches -- Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and John Legend -- were represented in the finale.

Katie is on "Team Legend," Ricky represents Blake's team, Jake performs on behalf of Kelly's team, and Rose is a member of "Team Gwen."

Ricky, a 29-year-old from Austin, TX, kicked off the performance show by taking the stage with a cover single, "Runnin' Down a Dream" by Tom Petty.

Kelly said the song represented Ricky well and he did "so well." She loves rock n' roll for his voice and complimented his range, and then John pointed out Ricky did rock n' roll "incredibly."

John added Ricky's vocals were vibrant, he played the guitar beautifully and he looked "super cool."

"Everything is working for you, Ricky," John pointed out.

Blake gushed about how Ricky never lets viewers down, that he rolled up his sleeves and gets the job done "every freakin' time."

Jake, a 31-year-old from Cookeville, TN, then performed his original single, "Better Off Without You," a song he had co-written while going through a divorce.

Gwen loved hearing Jake's story through the song, and she complimented the power in his voice. However, Gwen said her favorite part of watching Jake on the show has been watching him get so relaxed and really enjoying and owning each performance.

"Now I can see you're just embodying the whole experience, and it's really great to see you grow like that," Gwen said.

Kelly explained Jake is just "really super humble," which makes him "such an awesome human." She was so happy he got to showcase his gift as a writer as well as a vocalist.
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Rose, a 34-year-old from Killeen, TX, sang her original single "Steamroller" first of the three songs, which signifies how Rose steamrolled through difficult times in her life.

The Voice host Carson Daly said it felt like he was watching Mary J. Blige, and Blake said the song embodied everything she's done on the show thus far and, more importantly, showcased what an incredible singer she is.

Gwen could tell Rose was "free" on the stage and just having a great time. Gwen said the song clearly made her happy and it was great to watch her perform her own song.

For Katie's debut single, the 38-year-old from Chicago, IL, belted out "Without You," a powerful song that required her to show vulnerability and sing through pain she's experienced in her life.

Katie received a standing ovation from all four coaches for the song.

"Oh my gosh, you better go ahead with that sexy vibe!" Kelly yelled. "That is such a killer song. Well done! That was nicely matched up!"

John thought the song was a perfect marriage of Katie's style with a bit more modern production. John said Katie sold the song beautifully with her energy, vibe, and attitude.

Jake's cover song was "Amazed" by Lonestar.

Gwen called it "such a pretty song" and said his voice is so familiar and comfortable to her.

Kelly yelled about loving Jake Hoot and his southern, classic, fairy-tale storytelling voice. Kelly admitted she's so glad Jake was just a one-chair turn because she didn't have to fight anyone for him.

Katie took the stage with "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith for her cover song.

The audience went crazy for Katie's performance, and Blake couldn't even get a word in "because people love you so freakin' much," he said. Blake insisted Katie is incredible and there was nothing else he could say.

John admitted he felt honored to work with Katie all season long because she had "dazzled" her fans with every song. He thought Katie should be "so proud" of what she's done.

Ricky showcased his original song "A Woman Like Her," which represents who he is as an artist and was dedicated to his girlfriend.

Ricky earned himself a standing ovation from all four coaches.

Kelly told Ricky that he reminds her of Bruce Springsteen because he's relatable and sings beautiful songs with rasp that make women swoon.

John admitted he was jealous he hadn't been pitched that song to sing because it was gorgeous.

"I have a feeling that that's probably going to be the most-streamed original song from tonight. Your performance was gorgeous, but the song itself is a magical song," John shared.

Blake congratulated Ricky on waiting until his very last performance of the season to deliver his best performance of his entire run on the show. Blake told America that Santa Claus wants everyone to vote for Ricky to win The Voice.

And finally, Rose closed out the show with her cover song, "Border Song" by Elton John, for home viewers.

Rose had all four coaches up on their feet.

John said Rose's last song delivered a beautiful message and turned out to be very special. John appreciated hearing Rose's roots in gospel.

Gwen told Rose that she knew throughout this entire journey on the show who she wants to be, what she wants to present to the world, and what she wants to say through a song lyrically.

Gwen gushed about how God gave Rose little extra drops of "cool" and "talent" when He made her, and then the coach stood up and yelled at everyone to vote for Rose.

In addition, John and Katie sang "Merry Christmas Baby" by Otis Redding, Blake and Ricky performed "Run, Run Rudolph" by Chuck Berry, Jake and Kelly serenaded the crowd with "Wintersong" by Sarah McLachlan, and Rose and Gwen belted out "My Gift Is You" by Gwen.

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