The Voice featured five artists each joining a coach's team, including powerhouse vocalist Sandyredd, during Tuesday night's Season 15 broadcast on NBC.

The Blind Auditions continued Tuesday night with coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson selecting contestants for their teams.

The standout vocalist of the night was Sandyredd, a 35-year-old from Chicago, IL. She belted out "River" and inspired Adam and Jennifer to turn around within seconds. Kelly soon followed, as did Blake.

Jennifer threw both of her shoes at Sandyredd, and then Adam even took off his sneaker and placed it on the stage. Blake put his thermos on the stage next, as Kelly could be heard calling the performance "insane" from her chair.

"I've never heard Kelly not say anything before," Adam noted. "I want this. Sometimes you get possessed by something... You can win this, and you should do it on my team."

Blake knew it was a longshot to snag Sandyredd for his team. Kelly said Sandyredd was "fire" on that stage and her performance was "magnificent." Jennifer insisted Sandyredd "can make it," just like she did.

All of the coaches fought hard for Sandyredd, but in the end, she picked Kelly.

"I love what was said about, 'I don't care what team you go with; I just want to see you win. So I'm going to go with Kelly," Sandyredd announced, shocking the coaches and even The Voice host Carson Daly backstage.

"I can't believe she picked me!" Kelly gushed. "She was rad to listen to. I am incredibly blessed to have her on my team."

Reagan Strange, a 13-year-old from Memphis, TN, performed "Meant To Be" and Adam and Blake both turned around for her. Reagan cried about making the show and Adam admitted he would have tears as well if she picked Blake.

"There was an effortlessness to your power and precision that was very Danielle Bradberry-esque. You can go all the way here. I believe that. I really do!" Adam said.

"I think you're truly phenomenal, and I would give the sun, the moon and the stars to work with you."

Reagan said she enjoys singing soul and pop ballads, but Blake argued he has won the show with artists from many different genres. However, she joined Adam's team.
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Foushee, a 28-year-old from Harlem, NY, sang "Redbone," and Jennifer And Adam both pressed their buttons.

Adam said she has an "outer space voice" that "transcends the technical," and Jennifer explained Foushee took her on a journey and the coach couldn't tell whether the contestant was a male or female vocalist.

Foushee went with her gut and joined "Team Adam." He said she has a magic power because it didn't sound like she was imitating any singer.

Chris Kroeze, a 27-year-old from Barron, WI, took the stage with "Pride and Joy." Both Jennifer And Blake wanted him on their teams.

Jennifer showed passion for the country artist, but he ultimately joined Blake's team, who said Chris' performance was "electrifying" and he could "make it into this finale."

MaKenzie Thomas, a 20-year-old from Wallingford, KY, previously auditioned for Season 14 of the show and decided to come back. 

MaKenzie performed "Big White Room," and Jennifer wanted the singer on her team. Jennifer was surprised none of the other coaches turned around for such a "true talent."

The broadcast also featured Wyatt Rivers, a 22-year-old from Durham, NC, who ironically sang a song called "River;" however, he unfortunately didn't make the cut.
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