The Glass House eliminated Robin during ABC's Monday night broadcast of the new Big Brother-like reality competition's fourth episode.

Robin had been automatically placed in "limbo" after she was selected as one of the two least favorite players in the game by home viewers and then forced to become a team captain for the competition's third challenge, which her team ended up losing during last week's broadcast.

Fellow The Glass House contestant Erica later joined Robin in limbo after the rest of the season's contestants nominated her for elimination. Viewers were then required to vote for whether Robin or Erica would return to the house this week and resume competing, and they ultimately opted to save Erica and eliminate Robin.

During Monday night's broadcast, the house's big screen revealed which two players had received the least number of home viewer votes since the previous episode, ultimately replacing Robin and Erica's former positions. Ashley -- whom fans voted for the third consecutive time -- and Holly were announced as the least favorite players, and as a result, they were forced to be team captains for the week's challenge and would be sent to "limbo" if their team lost.

The season's fourth challenge required each team to transfer a ball across an arena by balancing it on a disk held up by all the players in the air. Once they reached the end of the arena, they had to guide the ball through a yellow triangle and then deposit it into a large tube. The team to get three balls in the tube in the fastest time would win the challenge and be safe from "limbo" nominations.

Holly's team ended up winning the challenge, as they finished all the tasks in five minutes and 36 seconds whereas Ashley's team completed them in seven minutes and 57 seconds. Ashley was therefore automatically placed in "limbo" and put up for elimination once her team was defeated.

The season's contestants proceeded to nominate Kevin to join her following a five-four vote with Stephanie in which Kevin received the majority of nomination votes. Viewers will now get to determine whether they'd like to see Ashley or Kevin return to the game.